Sean Hannity makes bold admission: 'I don't vet the information on this program that I give out'

On Hannity Monday night, Sean Hannity made a startling admission to his audience. While railing against the media for not taking President Trump’s claims of widespread voter fraud seriously, Hannity said that his show would be highlighting “concerning allegations and irregularities,” and reviewing “highly unusual voting patterns” in swing states. He then gave his audience reason to doubt the information they may receive.

“This show, we in this hour, I am not told what to say,” Hannity said. “I don’t vet the information on this program that I give out. We have always been independent, follow our own path on this show. That’s not going to change for me, ever.”

Hannity then immediately went on to say that they did vet former President Barack Obama, along with a story involving President-elect Joe Biden and his son Hunter. The allegations leveled against the president-elect and his son have not been corroborated by other media outlets. And even Fox News, one of the only outlets granted access to the emails and other records, has said they don’t make the case.

“By the way when I said I don’t vet this program, I vet the program. We vet the facts. We got Obama right. We got Russia right. We got Ukraine right. ... We vetted the Biden family’s international pay for play schemes,” Hannity said. “The media mob ignored it all. And by the way, we’ll continue to investigate.

“We vet what we do. We’re not told what to do.”

While Hannity vowed to continue investigating Hunter Biden, he believes investigations of President Trump should be a thing of the past. Hannity railed against an op-ed in the New York Times by former prosecutor for special counsel Robert Mueller, Andrew Weissmann, in which Weissmann argued that Trump should be investigated for possible crimes once he leaves office. Hannity repeated a claim he made earlier in the day on his radio show, saying that before leaving the White House, Trump should pardon himself and his family. Constitutional scholars dispute whether or not Trump has the power to pardon himself. Also, Hannity made sure to add the caveat, “If Biden ever became president…”

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