Sean and Catherine Giudici Lowe's Professional Organizer Shares the Details of Their Pantry Refresh

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Sean and Catherine Lowe Closet Refresh
Sean and Catherine Lowe Closet Refresh

Heather Zak Designs

Sean and Catherine Giudici Lowe's pantry just got a serious makeover.

Annie Schmidt of Schmidt Organization Systems is the professional organizer responsible for turning The Bachelor couple's space into an organized food haven. The home expert tells PEOPLE how they collaborated on the "clean and modern" vision.

The walk-in pantry is organized by multiple floor-to-ceiling white shelves with some crisp and "boho" touches alike, which helped create an open concept look.

"The Lowes are both super easy-going and left it to us to brainstorm and create the perfect pantry for their family," Schmidt tells PEOPLE. "Catherine asked for a lunchbox and water bottle area (in floor baskets), and we made sure to include lots of snacks on the bottom shelves for easy access for their three adorable kids!"

Sean and Catherine, who are parents to Mia Mejia, 2, Isaiah Hendrix, 3 and Samuel Thomas, 5, also asked to showcase some of their personal collection, including artwork on the walls and stacks of cookbooks.

Schmidt created labeled zones for every shelf, along with specific bins for certain food items — incorporating some of the kids' favorite snacks. "Some are more general like 'cooking' — taco shells, croutons. And some are [more] specific like 'mac and cheese' and the Lowe's son Isaiah's favorite — seaweed."

Sean and Catherine Lowe Closet Refresh
Sean and Catherine Lowe Closet Refresh

Heather Zak Designs

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The Texas-based organizer categorized every shelf in a meticulous layout scheme. Each one serves a particular zone: condiments and oils all go in lazy Susans higher up, while decanting jars and acrylic bins go on a mid-tier shelf so that drafting a grocery list is easier. "Floor items" include baskets filled with easy-access lunch boxes and paper towels.

"Our main goal is function, but we love to create spaces that are aesthetically pleasing and complement the rest of the home's decor," Schmidt says.

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Wicker baskets nestled next to clear baking jars help unify the space by showcasing both neutral and statement pieces. Plus, the grab-and-go snacks on the lower shelves are a personal touch to make the pantry kid-friendly for Sean and Catherine's three children.

"The design style that we chose for this pantry is clean and modern with fun boho touches. We love adding fun baskets and pretty labels to elevate and customize each space," Schmidt says.