Sean Bankhead Talks Creating Victoria Monét’s Viral “On My Mama” Choreo At 2023 MTV VMAs

Sean Bankhead is one of Hip-Hop’s best kept secret weapons when it comes to fire choreography, on and off-screen.

Basking in the viral success of Victoria Monét’s latest nostalgic music video for “On My Mama,” Bankhead spoke with VIBE during the 2023 MTV VMAs about turning a “feel good” concept into a top-trending dance routine on our social media platforms today.

“I think the song spoke for itself,” he shared about creating the suave, yet energetic moves. “I think me and Victoria really wanted to celebrate Black culture, the South, HBCU culture and viral Black things that happened on Twitter and social media.”

Speaking to a time when dance moves were less complex and didn’t involve too much hip-shaking, he added that he and Victoria wanted to, “go back to when we were in high school doing the ‘heel-toe,’ the ‘chicken head,’ the “walk it out” and just that time when life was good.”

“It felt good to make that video and just bring a lot of that stuff back,” he added.

Bankhead attended the VMAs, although the Jaguar II songstress wasn’t nominated this year. However, he did reveal that his choreography was put on display during Lil Wayne’s opening set at the show.

The Philadelphia-native dancer is responsible for some of the most dynamic and intricate choreography seen in videos including Lil Nas X’s “Industry Baby,” Normani’s “Motivation” and “Wild Side,” Cardi B’s “Up,” and many more.

His choreography has taken over TikTok with thousands of users trying to recreate his moves, hoping that he views their post. Recently he and Victoria took to the app to break down the steps to “On My Mama”, where they wore nostalgic outfits from the early 2000’s.

He’s not sure if he’ll continue to give tutorials for future music videos, but fans seem to be more than interested in learning from him.

Check out Sean Bankhead and Victoria Monét’s tutorial to “On My Mama” above.

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