Seal Shows Off in Mosman Bay

Occurred on March 15, 2021 / Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Info from Licensor: "Just before noon, I was walking around the Mosman Bay in Sydney towards the Mosman Rowers Club (where I work) and just before I took this video, I noticed a lot of plastic rubbish and bottles that had clumped together, I thought - man, the poor sea life. A few seconds later, what I thought was a dog rushed past me in the water, but turns out it was this incredibly friendly seal. It seemed to be loving the attention and made its way towards Mosman Rowers Club. When I got to the door I saw a colleague of man and got her to rush out to get a glimpse of it as it leisurely swam by. Later I was showing customers the footage and asking if they’d seen it come by the balcony. They were gutted to have missed it. I’ve only ever seen trout etc in Mosman bay, so definitely seems out of the ordinary. When the tide was low I actually went back and climbed down to pick up some of the rubbish that had stuck around- so hopefully it comes back!"