Scream Factory celebrates 10 years by letting fans pick their 31 Nights Of Horror

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Jack-o’-lanterns for Halloween
Jack-o’-lanterns for Halloween

Despite much of the country experiencing a hellacious heat wave, summer is coming to a close. Soon, all those surfers and volleyball enthusiasts will replace their swimsuits and board shorts with pumpkin costumes and Dracula fangs. We’ve seen it a hundred times. Every year, without fail, as soon as the leaves start changing colors, people head over to PacSun, return their Quiksilver shorts, and walk right into Spirit Halloween.

For the last decade, Shout! Factory’s horror imprint, Scream Factory, has made its mission to provide the world’s physical media faithful with the highest quality blu-rays of some of the grimiest, cheapest, and freakiest movies to ever grace 4K. We mean that in a good way—who else is willing to put Tobe Hooper’s Lifeforce out on 4K?

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In celebration of the label’s first 10 years of mayhem, Scream Factory is putting together a 31 Nights of Horror streaming film festival, and they’re leaving the programming up to you. Starting today, September 7, through September 16, fans can head over to to vote on what movies the company will stream on Scream Factory TV during their nightly double features throughout October.

Some titles include:


Alligator II

Road Games

Dead Space

Bad Moon



Black Christmas

Day Of The Dead 

The Company of Wolves

Chopping Mall

Night of the Demons

The Monster Club

The Slumber Party Massacre

Slumber Party Massacre II

31 Nights Of Horror Starts October 1!

Who doesn’t want to spend October with their friends Ben, Alligator II, and everybody’s favorite Chopping Mall? But that’s not all. Voting on your favorites makes you eligible to win a $500 shopping spree to their superb selection of horror classics.

Movies will air at 6 PM Eastern Standard Time and 9 PM on