'Charles in Charge' actress Nicole Eggert accuses Scott Baio of molesting her, Baio fires back on Facebook Live

Scott Baio wasted no time in disputing accusations from actress Nicole Eggert, who said he repeatedly molested her between the ages of 14 and 17. Baio took to Twitter saying “her claims are 100% lies” before going to Facebook Live in an effort to prove the allegations were false.

Eggert brought the accusations to Twitter after she commented on a tweet referring to Baio’s support of Donald Trump: “Ask [Scott Baio] what happened in his garage at his house when I was a minor. Creep.” This started a series of tweets where she claims she was molested by him from ages 14 to 17 and went into details about the assaults. The two starred together on the ’80s sitcom Charles in Charge.

In a 16-minute-plus video, Baio sits at a desk as if it were a formal press conference going through a stack of documents (which are all posted on social media in their entirety) to prove Eggert wrong. “The reason I’m doing Facebook Live is because no one can edit me,” he said. “This is the truth.” His wife, Renee, can be heard off camera giving him direction on his defense and providing commentary of her own.

Baio says that when Eggert’s first claims against him came up, she was promoting her reality shows — but he kept his “mouth shut” because they eventually go away. Baio said that she “just won’t let them go.”

The accusations came up again in 2017. He presented to two letters that he sent to Eggert and fellow Charles in Charge co-star Alexander Polinksy when they “decided to team up against” him. He told them to go to the police if they have legitimate claims, but they chose not to and instead went to social media where Baio says, “People like me get beat up.”

In the video, he says that Eggert was his best friend and all of a sudden he is a “bogeyman”. He concludes, “The problem with almost all he said-she said cases is they’re he said-she said. Now, go prove it or disprove it.the real problem with this is people with legitimate claims aren’t taken seriously — and that’s too bad.”

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