The 'Schitt's Creek' series finale is giving fans all the feels on Twitter: 'Oh my heart'

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Heading into the Schitt’s Creek series finale, series star and co-creator, Daniel Levy, described the last episode of the hit Canadian comedy as a “warm hug.” It’s safe to say that fans are feeling all warm inside after watching the show’s farewell half-hour, which saw David and Patrick (Levy and Noah Reid) finally tying the knot to become husband and husband. And the joy (and tears) carried over into the final scene, as the Rose family went their separate ways after three years of close-quarters motel living.

Parents Johnny and Moira (Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara) decamped for California, where the crow-tastic actress was poised to return to television in a major way. David’s sister Alexis (Annie Murphy), meanwhile, had plans to take New York by storm as a new public relations superstar. Meanwhile, her brother and his new hubby were staying put in Schitt’s Creek, where they could run their artisanal store and keep their friend Stevie (Emily Hampshire) company. Before parting, the Roses gave each other lingering embraces meant to tide them over until the next time they (and hopefully we) see each other again.

Levy wrote and co-directed the episode and his choice to make a sweetly straightforward finale proved the right call with fans, who teared up throughout the episode and posted the evidence on Twitter.

Before leaving town, the ever-fashionable Moira gifted us with one more legendary look for the road. Taking over as David and Patrick’s officiant after their original choice bailed, Mrs. Rose showed off big pope energy in an ensemble that recalled another classic wedding sequence from The Princess Bride. Luckily, David and Patrick are a much better match than Buttercup and Humperdinck.

One familiar face that fans hoped to see at the wedding was Mutt Schitt, who was Alexis’s love interest in the show’s early years. But the character remained off-screen, even though the actor who played him — Wynonna Earp’s Tim Rozon — gave the series a shoutout.

In the end, though, nothing and no one could steal the spotlight from David and Patrick’s vows, which featured an assist from Schitt’s Creek super-fan, Mariah Carey.

Schitt’s Creek may be over, but it’ll be part of us indefinitely.

The first five seasons of Schitt’s Creek are currently streaming on Netflix.

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