Scarlett Johansson says she wouldn't have dated Colin Jost in high school: 'I don't think so'

Scarlett Johansson wouldn't have dated Colin Jost in high school.

On Tuesday's Drew Barrymore Show, the Black Widow actress was shown an old photo of her husband as a Jesuit High School student in 1997.

"Would high school ScarJo be into high school Colin?" host Barrymore asked (perhaps unaware how much Johansson hates that nickname).

Without a beat, Johansson replied, "Um, I don't think so. No," while staring at what she called the Saturday Night Live star's "mushroom cut."

Johansson said both of her brothers, Hunter and Adrian, had that haircut, "and I just can't. There's no way. Who decided on that cut as a stylish thing? What hairdresser [thought]: I'll try this."

For the record, Johansson's high school boyfriend, while attending Professional Children’s School on NYC's Upper West Side, was musician Jack Antonoff. They even went to the prom together. Across town at Regis High School, the prestigious all-boys' school Jost attended, he "got to meet the most intimidating and sophisticated girls in the world" from "fancy neighboring schools with names like Marymount, Chapin, Spence and Nightingale — names that just sounded rich," he wrote in the New Yorker. However, at dances he'd "somehow persuade them to attend ... I felt like a way chubbier Jay Gatsby faking a cultured air to mask my Staten Island-bootlegger upbringing."

Bad old photos aside, Johansson said Jost — with whom she shares a son, Cosmo, and is raising her daughter, Rose Dauriac — "is so sweet."

Johansson, who was first linked to the Weekend Update anchor in 2017, said it's important in a relationship to feel "seen by somebody else. To be seen is what it's all about."

Johansson was on the show to promote her new skin care line, the Outset. The actress, regularly on Hollywood's "most beautiful" lists, talked about how Jost helped test out her line before it was launched because they tested it at the height of the pandemic. Plus, she revealed that Jost started using eye cream well before she did.

"People had been telling me for years I should be using an eye cream," she said. "Colin is the first partner I've ever had that used an eye cream."

When Barrymore asks if he is a guy who uses a lot of skin care products, Johansson replied, "He has a few products, I guess," adding with a laugh, "It's not like I went in there and it looked like a Sephora, but he's open to a product."