'Scandal' tackles the issue of recent statue removals and protests

This week’s episode of Scandal seemed all too familiar when a young activist, named Steve, gained widespread attention as he fought for the removal of a historical statue.

“It’s time America confronted its violent, racist history,” said Steve. “General Raymond Cyst was a Revolutionary War hero, but he was also one of the most heinous and vindictive slave owners on record… Why is that not documented alongside this monument? Why, as a black man, should I be asked to celebrate someone who would have gladly kept me in chains?”

Meanwhile, former President Grant a.k.a. Fitz was up in Vermont trying to live a normal life after agreeing to stay out of the public eye for Mellie’s first 100 days of presidency. That is, until Eli Pope showed up. Eli warned Fitz about the danger Olivia has become since taking on the role of Command for B613, and asked Fitz to go back to Washington D.C. to help save her from the darkness.

While it took some convincing, Fitz ultimately decided to go back to Washington… but not before doing something meaningful, first. On his 101st day, Fitz visited Steve, the activist, at his site to commend him for his service and to encourage him to not give up. He also agreed to take a selfie with Steve for the gram, which re-engaged public enthusiasm for Steve’s cause and, ultimately, led to the removal of the statue.

And all of this caught us up to speed with that crazy cliffhanger at the end of last week’s episode, when Olivia and her new boy toy, Curtis, came face-to-face with the former President at her front door! Yikes.

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