'Scandal' recap: This bullet's for you

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Warning: This recap for the “Robin” episode of Scandal contains spoilers.

The winter finale left off on a giant cliffhanger — did Rowan shoot Quinn? Is she dead? — and came back with the saddest answer.

RIP Quinn Perkins.

What a journey this character has had, from a wide-eyed chess piece to the boss bitch running Gladiators Inc. She goes out in style too, thanks to her fellow warriors and her almost-husband in a memorable, unique, “only on Scandal” memorial service.

It’s been a while since the gladiators lost one of their own — and this is under especially tragic circumstances, with Quinn pregnant and about to walk down the aisle. Not much “happens” plotwise in the show’s long-awaited return, but the emotional fallout from her death touches every character in deep and life-changing ways.

And as often happens on this show, many questions remain. Quinn may be dead, but that’s just the beginning of this story.

Here’s a recap of what went down this week:

In a dark lot somewhere, Rowan opens his trunk, where he has a corpse stashed. He douses it with gasoline and lights it on fire.

Is that Quinn?!

Yes, according to the medical examiner’s report delivered by David. He informs the gladiators that enough of the remains could be identified as Quinn, and no, the baby did not survive. Everyone is reeling with shock, especially Charlie. He just lost his entire future in the blink of an eye.

The gladiators rally around each other, accompanying Charlie to a funeral home to pick out a casket. He hates all of them; they’re too basic. And Quinn was no basic bitch (she was a boss bitch). Instead, he recounts a story that Quinn loved, about an ex-spy who requested his ashes be put into bullets and fired on his enemies. “She died a warrior, she’d want to go out like one,” Charlie muses.

Meanwhile, Huck is perusing the coroner’s report and finds an interesting tidbit — Quinn was wearing an antique hairpin. One she never mentioned to him.

(Reminder: Olivia gave Quinn this hairpin the night before her wedding/disappearance, aka the same night they had a huge fight about Liv being behind the plane bombing.)

Fitz shows up at Olivia’s to console her, but she isn’t having any of his puppy dog eyes or alcohol or hot sex. She’s pissed, mostly about Quinn’s death and any part she had in it. But she chooses to ream him out for tattling on her to Mellie about leading B613.

Elsewhere, Cyrus enthusiastically welcomes his boyfriend, Fenton Glackland, back to D.C., but Glackland shuts him down. “It’s over, we’re done,” he announces.

Cyrus can’t believe it. He thinks it’s a joke. But Glackland just shrugs and leaves. Like, WTF? We need closure!

Meanwhile, Jake delivers dinosaur bones to Rowan. If you recall, Rowan demanded that Olivia return his bones or else (meaning, he’d kill Quinn). The bones were not a metaphor, people. Rowan actually receives real, legit dinosaur bones. As he says, Olivia chose to gamble with Quinn’s life, and she lost big.

Abby returns to her dark home, alone, and — heart attack — finds Huck waiting for her with a crazy look in his eyes. He starts babbling about the hairpin and hacking into Liv’s phone. He thinks Liv killed Quinn! Abby tries to calm him down and basically tells him he’s crazy.

But Huck doesn’t think he’s crazy, so he goes to the other person who knows Liv best: Fitz. Unfortunately, Fitz can’t help him. He’s already tried to get through to Olivia, but she’s not the Olivia they knew and loved.

This Olivia … she’s scary.

After that joke of a breakup, Cyrus finds Glackland to get the real answer on what went wrong. Turns out Glackland hired investigators to look into Charlie after the latter beat him up. And what did he find? Well, for one, that Charlie is a hitman who used to work for Cyrus. Right, that.

All of Glackland’s instincts are telling him Cyrus is not a good guy. (And look, he isn’t totally wrong.) Cyrus tries to defend himself, pointing out that Glackland can’t have gotten his billions in a squeaky clean way. But to no avail — this relationship is dunzo.

With Abby believing he’s crazy and Fitz shrugging his shoulders, Huck goes to an AA meeting, which he’s always used as a cover to work out his killer impulses. He sooooo wants to take out Olivia, and if Quinn were alive, she’d be his “sponsor” and talk sense into him. But who’s going to do that now?

When he returns to the office, he hears a noise and grabs his gun. But it’s just a very drunk Olivia … wearing a white hat!

She broke a glass while working on her eulogy, which isn’t going well. “We were supposed to protect her, that’s what we do,” Liv slurs. “That’s who we are, we’re gladiators.”

Honestly, we just kept looking at the hat and thinking about all the subtext.

She finally takes the hat off and rants some more about how being a gladiator is stupid and that they’re just dinner and a show.

Subtext: White hats are so not in season.

The next day, Charlie is funneling Quinn’s ashes into bullets, but his hands are shaking. Abby comes in to help him. You get by with a little help from your friends.

They congregate in the woods to fire the bullets. As each person shoots, they remember a special moment with Quinn. For Huck, it’s that time he called her weird, but weird is good. Abby recalls encouraging Quinn to have her baby. Marcus thinks about Quinn exhorting him to become “a gladiator in a suit.”

And Olivia remembers that day she gave Quinn the keys to her queendom.

Afterward, the gladiators, sans Olivia and Charlie, gather to remember more lighthearted moments. Like, when Quinn would drag them to a vegan place and insist on free extra sauce.

Meanwhile, Abby and Huck wonder where Olivia is.

Olivia is, of course, with Fitz. She can barely speak, and the tears are about to pour down her face. All she can do is put her head on his chest. And then of course they’re kissing and tearing off each other’s clothes. Because #Olitz.

The next day, David and Abby break down a playpen in Charlie and Quinn’s apartment to be helpful to the grieving fiancé. But they find something unusual — a thumb drive. What, pray tell, is on it?

As for Charlie, he knocks on Rowan’s door and asks for a job. He wants to go back to being a cold-blooded, ruthless killer. He wants to go back to a time before he was in love, getting married, having a baby.

Rowan gently tells him to go home, but then Charlie hears the cry of a baby!

He runs upstairs and finds an infant in a crib. “Whose baby is this?” he demands, before tussling with Rowan.

Think we know whose baby it is.

Scandal airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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