'Scandal' fans rejoice about the downfall of a once-beloved character

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Scandal was a game of who played who when Olivia Pope thought she was going to Vermont for a romantic night with Fitz but it was actually an intervention, where the gladiators confronted Liv about Quinn’s death.

The decision was supposed to be simple. “Leave the White House. Give up B613, and David won’t prosecute,” said Abby. Liv immediately got defensive, calling each of them out for bad things they have done in the past, arguing that they were the last people who should be judging her and, ultimately, retreating to a room and locking the door behind her. However, after a long night during which each gladiator attempted to persuade her to give them what they asked for, Liv eventually came to her senses.

The next morning, Liv told Fitz, Abby, Huck, David, and Marcus that she would resign her chief of staff position and allow Jake to dismantle B613. “I’m not admitting I was wrong. I tried to reason, to listen to everything all of you said to me and, still, I can’t seem to admit I was wrong, which is how I know. What I can admit is that I have to stop. I can’t continue. Not like this; not anymore. I’m sorry. I wish I could say that to the person who needs to hear it the most. Quinn. I’m sorry. But I can’t. So, I’m saying it to all of you when I still can,” Liv said in a seemingly heartfelt way. But, she is Olivia Pope. It didn’t take long for us to realize that it was all an act to escape Vermont and get back to D.C. And that wasn’t even the shocking moment!

Back at home, after sleeping with Jake, Liv instructed him to “remind Mellie of her sins.” While Liv was in Vermont, Mellie found out that she was behind the death of President Rashad. Mellie was after Liv, and Liv needed to shut her down. However, in a shocking turn of events, after ordering Jake to get Mellie off her back, Jake instead convinced Mellie to promote him as the new White House Chief of Staff.

And, surprisingly, previously faithful gladiators took to Twitter to voice their approval. One user tweeted:

While others tweeted:

With the end of Scandal getting closer and gladiators jumping ship, it’s bound to get messy for Olivia Pope.

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