Scamming runs in the family for Julianne Moore and Sebastian Stan in the Sharper trailer

Justice Smith and Julianne Moore
Justice Smith and Julianne Moore

As Emma Watson said in one of A24's very first films: “I wanna rob.” The cult-favorite indie distributor’s latest release Sharper returns to this theme, as Julianne Moore and Sebastian Stan star as mother-and-son scammers with their eyes on billions.

“If you’re going to steal, steal a lot,” says a wealthy businessman played by John Lithgow in the film’s trailer.

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Sure enough, he becomes the duo’s latest target, along with his son (Justice Smith), who he’s concerned isn’t ready to inherit his throne. He’s not the only one who’s disappointed in their child; Moore’s character encourages Stan’s to stop messing around with petit larceny and pursue some bigger hauls. (Hey, what parent doesn’t want their kid to be ambitious?)

Sharper — Official Trailer | Apple TV+

Weaving together both the gritty and glamorous sides of New York City, Sharper’s characters soon find themselves in “a high stakes game of ambition, greed, lust and jealousy,” per the official synopsis. Speaking to People, director Benjamin Caron says that the film “is inspired by a long line of great films that love to keep audiences guessing up until the end, including The Usual Suspects, House Of Games, Klute, Drive, The Thomas Crown Affair, The Color Of Money, The Sting, and more.”

Both Moore and Stan have entered their A24 eras, with the former starring in Jesse Eisenberg’s directorial debut When You Finish Saving The World, out next week, and the latter having recently wrapped A Different Man. Sharper also co-stars The Tender Bar’s Briana Middleton.

Caron is a veteran UK TV director with credits on shows such as The Crown, Sherlock, My Mad Fat Diary, and Skins. Most recently, he worked on the Star Wars series Andor, including the first season’s thrilling final two episodes.

Sharper will receive a limited release in theaters on February 10 before arriving on Apple TV+ on February 17.

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