SBS K-Drama Connection Poster Teases Ji-Sung & Jeon Mi-Do’s Relationship

Connection K-drama
Ji-Sung, Jeon Mi-Do (Photo Credit: SBS)
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Upcoming SBS K-drama Connection released a brand new poster, teasing the relationship between the leads, Ji-Sung and Jeon Mi-Do.

The series is set to premiere on Friday, May 24, 2024. It follows the story of an ace detective, Jang Jae-Kyung (Ji-Sung), who gets forcefully addicted to drugs by someone. After the mysterious death of a friend, he decides to investigate the case while uncovering dark truths about corrupt connections.

Connection will replace the ongoing SBS K-drama The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection. Ji-Sung plays ace narcotics detective Jang Jae-Kyung. Meanwhile, Jeon Mi-Do essays the role of social affairs reporter Oh Yoon-Jin, who joins hands with former classmate Jae-Kyung.

Director Kim Moon-Kyo helms the series, and Lee Hyun serves as the screenwriter for the upcoming suspense drama. Viewers eagerly await the collaboration between the two leads and their storyline.

Connection K-drama poster: Ji Sung & Jeon Mi-Do reunite to solve a case

On Monday, May 6, 2024, SBS released a poster for its upcoming K-drama Connection, featuring leads Ji-Sung and Jeon Mi-Do. The story revolves around Jang Jae-Kyung’s investigation of his friend’s death while also navigating drug addiction struggles.

As a highly regarded detective of the Anhyeon Police Station, his juniors and seniors highly respect him. However, soon, everything comes tumbling down for the detective.

Suddenly, Jae-Kyung gets forcefully addicted to drugs by a mysterious person. After the death of his friend, Jae-Kyung gets entangled with social affairs reporter Oh Yoon-Jin. She is an outspoken and opinionated reporter at the Anhyeon Economic Daily. She helps Jae-Kyung with his investigation. The former classmates reunite after two decades while solving the case. As they connect in a variety of ways, the two form a strategic alliance.

In the poster, the two look determined to solve the friend’s death. They look attentively at the board filled with notes and crucial case evidence. Meanwhile, the board contains sticky notes and pictures documenting important details to help the duo crack the case. The caption, however, hints at the leads’ crucial connection and says, “We were at the beginning of this connection.” It will be interesting to see what their collaboration leads to.

Don’t forget to tune in to Connection on Friday, May 24, 2024, at 10 p.m. on SBS.

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