Saweetie Shows off Pink Bubble Yum Hair

·1 min read

Switching from her recent cotton candy ombré bob, Saweetie serves a sweet, pastel pink, wavy hairstyle.

The "Icy Girl" rapper recently took to Instagram to show off her look before attending an event in Los Angeles. In the pictures, she poses in a '70s-inspired mauve pant set and platform shoes, but the devil is in the details. Between the nails and the hair, we're obsessed.

Shown with soft body waves and a middle part flowing down to her back, her tresses are a nostalgic color of the pink Bubble Yum gum from the '90s. To complementing the look, the artist wears green, acrylic nails adorned with gems -- the perfect mix of French manicure and a stiletto nail. Saweetie's attention to detail never misses. With spring around the corner and a new album on the horizon, fans can expect more head-turning looks from the rapper.

Take a look at Saweetie's pink beauty moment below.