Saweetie Denies Trashing Famous Exes On New Song: “Ain’t Nobody Dissing Them Boys”

Rumors have been circulating following the release of Saweetie’s latest song, “Don’t Say Nothing.” The single, which released on Nov. 18 — just days after the late rapper Takeoff’s funeral — caused a bit of controversy, as many said it was “too soon” for a song “dissing her ex.”

Fellow Migos member Quavo, who was with Takeoff at the time of his death, dated Saweetie for two years.

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Now the Bay Area rapper has addressed “untrue” rumors during an Instagram Live session about the song.

“Ain’t nobody dissing nobody,” she said in a clip captured by Noir Online. “Ain’t nobody dissing them boys. So you can kill those rumors.”

She added, “Y’all don’t even know who I’m talking about, anyways.”

Back in September, the Icy Grl visited Caresha Please hosted by Yung Miami of City Girls and spoke on the inspiration behind “Don’t Say Nothing.”

Speaking to men who can’t keep their relations under wraps, she said: “Last year was my first time just being single. I’ve encountered men … we’ll have a good time, then after that, I hear them talking — telling people that we hanging out and that we doing some extra stuff. It’s like, ‘Boy, just shut your mouth.’”

She added: “I like to have a mutual understanding. Like, we not public, so don’t say nothing. As soon as they do that, I cut them off.”

“Don’t Say Nothing” appears on Saweetie’s latest release, The Single Life.

She recently told VIBE in regards to the LP: “I want the main takeaway to be you should be happy with self, you should love self. And when the right person comes along, take your time with it. I feel like everything is just so microwaved these days. Everything is happening so quickly, so be happy in your solitude, because if you’re not happy with self, you can’t be happy with anyone else.”

Saweetie attends Teen Vogue Summit in green jacket and black leather pants
Saweetie attends Teen Vogue Summit in green jacket and black leather pants

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Revisit Saweetie’s interview with Yung Miami above and take a listen to “Don’t Say Nothing” below.

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