Saweetie Celebrates ‘The Single Life’ With Champion

Saweetie kicked off Champion’s inaugural hoodie swap with new music, officially ending her hiatus. As Champion’s first-ever Global Culture Consultant, the Bay Area Queen was the first to donate a used hoodie and score a new hoodie for free.

As the inventor of the hoodie, the sportswear brand introduced the new sustainable effort in reverence of its history. Hoodies brought in by customers will be further donated to Refried Apparel to be recycled into new garments. Select Champion stores across the country offered this opportunity on Nov. 19.

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“I think my favorite part of this initiative is the fact that anyone from any economical status can come in and turn in a hoodie,” Saweetie explained to VIBE ahead of the hoodie swap at the Los Angles Champion store. “For the kids that can’t really go out there and get some new clothes, they can bring in any hoodie and it’s kind of doing a service to the community.”

Saweetie Champion store pink hat
Champion’s Global Cultural Consultant, Saweetie, kicks off the brand’s inaugural “Hoodie Swap” initiative at the Champion Heritage Store, Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2022 in Los Angeles.

Saweetie Wearing Black Dress With Finger Waves
Saweetie Wearing Black Dress With Finger Waves

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She added, “What I love about a Champion is that they understand me. Not too many historical brands will let you come in and have a voice. So I appreciate Champion, shout out to John Shumate, love speaking with him. But they’re always open to my ideas, they may not say yes to everything, but we compromise. Because as business partners, that’s what you do.”

Saweetie wearing pink hat black jogging suit Champion
Champion’s Global Cultural Consultant, Saweetie, kicks off the brand’s inaugural “Hoodie Swap” initiative at the Champion Heritage Store, Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.

Hosting a happy hour celebrating the hoodie swap, the “Icy” rapper invited a small group of fans, friends, and press to trade out their hoodies. In return, they were rewarded with custom cocktails, small bites, and the first public listen of her project The Single Life.

First announced in October during a celebratory experience, The Single Life is Saweetie’s first project of 2022. She last issued the Pretty Summer Playlist in 2021, and prior to that, Saweetie released the seven-track ICY in 2019. The 29-year-old rapper was motivated to create The Single Life as her personal life shifted.

“I think it was just standing up for single women. Because as a single woman, you go through a lot of things. I’m not sure if you’re single, but my life changed dramatically when I became a single woman. There were things that I had to just pay closer attention to. I think that it’s just a memoir of a boss-a*s, single woman,” she said of her creative process.

With six tracks, the Filipino rapper explores themes of confidence, independence, and womanhood. She shared some of her favorite songs from the project. “It was the last song I recorded. I love freestyles, and I love no hooks, so I would say ‘No Reception.’ Interestingly about ‘Boss Chick,’ I recorded that four years ago. A lot was going on in my career. Plenty of transitions, but I’m finally here. I [also] love ‘Pu**y’ though.”

Saweetie Posing long pink nails finger waves
Saweetie Posing long pink nails finger waves

Overall, the “Tap In” rapper wants her icy gang to feel empowered by the project as they patiently await her debut album, Pretty Bi**h Music.

“I just feel like I took a year off. So I’d be doing myself and the world a disservice by just throwing a whole bunch of music at you and being like, ‘This is my debut album.’ So I’m just warming up and heating back up Saweetie’s music again.”

She continued, “I want the main takeaway to be you should be happy with self, you should love self. And when the right person comes along, take your time with it. I feel like everything is just so microwaved these days. Everything is happening so quickly, so be happy in your solitude, because if you’re not happy with self, you can’t be happy with anyone else.”

Check out The Single Life below.

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