Saweetie’s Birthday Glam Makes Her the True ”Icy Girl”

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After taking a mini-sabbatical from her Instagram feed, Saweetie returned to reclaim her throne with a mega glam birthday look. The artist who is also a Cancer, showed us how to "party like you're turning 29" with Rapunzel-length hair, extremely elongated acrylic nails, and of course, expensive bling.

The "Icy Girl" artist took to Instagram to sport her Barbie blonde tresses, soft lavender cut crease on the eyes and a stone blue nail design full of polychromatic details. Her purple understated cutout gown blended in effortlessly with her white platinum blonde curls descending over the left side of her shoulders to reveal the entire look. Saweetie is known to confidently rock her hair color in a 613 number color and higher, so we are not surprised to see the trendsetter return with a nearly white install.

Now that the "My Type" rapper appears to be back on socials, we're going to be on the lookout to see what she will pop out with next. Will it be a fresh install? Exploratory makeup application? You can never be too sure with Saweetie, but you can expect a moment to be served.

Catch more of Saweetie's extravagant birthday look below.


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