Savannah Guthrie’s Husband Mike Feldman Signs Copies of Her New Faith-Based Book for Fans

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Sharing the wealth with her life partner. Today's Savannah Guthrie’s husband, Mike Feldman, was spotted signing copies of his wife’s new book, Mostly What God Does.

The moment was captured in a photo shared on both Savannah’s Instagram Story and her main account on Thursday, February 22.

“Even [Mike] signed books,” Savannah, 52, captioned a picture of her hubby signing a copy of the very personal book for one of her fans. She posted additional photos from the signing, gushing over the support she has received for the project.

“About last night. … That @92ndstreety crowd was so spectacular and so warm — they even asked my husband @feldmike to sign some books, which he sheepishly obliged,” she captioned a carousel of photos. “And then Marci and co decided to come to the plaza this morning! Thanks for the smile and the [love.]"

Included in the photo set was a picture of the very first autograph that Mike gave, which read, “Marci, my first autograph. Mike, Savannah’s husband.” He also drew a picture of a heart on the page.

Mostly What God Does has taken Savannah’s fans on a spiritual journey, documenting how much the broadcaster has leaned on her Christian faith over the years.

“It’s what makes me tick. It’s what makes me joyful. It’s what helps me navigate the world and stresses and disappointments and fears,” she told of her strong faith.

“I’m not writing this book from some mountaintop where I’ve received some wisdom, and now I’m imparting it to the world,” she continued. “No, I’m still down here, struggling. Still down here, disappointing myself. I’m still down here, needing faith, needing grace, needing mercy, needing love. That’s why I wrote the book — because I’m the person that needs to read it. And so I thought, if I do, then maybe others do, too.”

Savannah Guthrie stands in living room with family
Savannah Guthrie stands in living room with family

Mike, 55, is Jewish, and he and Savannah have been raising their two kids, Vale and Charles, in an interfaith household.

“We light the Hanukkah candles and Mike is teaching our kids the prayers. They love Christmas — the presents and Santa Claus,” the longtime journalist told Reveal With Drew and Jonathan Scott in October 2020. “We know that difficult questions may be coming, but we’re committed to raising them with full knowledge of their backgrounds. We hope as they get older, the kids will be inquisitive people of faith who find their own path.”