‘Saturday Night Live’ #TBT: Count Trump-ula Promotes Special Halloween ‘Apprentice’

How’s this for a Halloween scare? Count Trump-ula wants to suck your blood — and who knows what he wants to grab?

Saturday Night Live has been sending up Donald Trump for many years, as seen in this fake Apprentice promo from 2004. Darrell Hammond plays the real estate mogul, who is taping a promo for a special Halloween episode of the NBC reality series.

“It’s going to get the highest ratings of any promo in the history of NBC, not to mention the history of television,” Trump boasts, even though the off-camera producer (Seth Meyers) tries to explain that promos don’t actually get ratings.

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He goes on to spout some clunky dialogue — “Unlike Frankenstein, I’m not afraid of fire…ing any of them,” he says of the contestants — and cannot grasp how to pull off an evil laugh.

“Moo hoo hoo, hey hey hey,” he lamely cackles at one point.

SNL could never have known, back in 2004, what an actual horror show Count Trump-ula would put on in 2016!

Saturday Night Live returns with a new episode on Nov. 5 with host Benedict Cumberbatch and musical guest Solange. You can watch clips and full episodes of SNL for free on Yahoo View.