‘Saturday Night Live’ #TBT: 9 Times Jimmy Fallon Broke Character

Jimmy Fallon and Rachel Dratch (Credit: NBC)
Jimmy Fallon and Rachel Dratch (Photo: NBC)

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon is set to toast and roast movie and TV stars Sunday night as emcee of the Golden Globe Awards. But for our Saturday Night Live throwback this week, we’re toasting and roasting Fallon’s time on the late-night sketch-comedy show.

Fallon was an indispensable cast member in his six years on SNL, creating memorable impressions of Barry Gibb, Carson Daly, and Jerry Seinfeld, and co-hosting “Weekend Update” with Tina Fey.

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But perhaps he’s best known for breaking character in many sketches — from cracking a smile after a ridiculous line to outright laughing in tears. And often Fallon’s breaking was the funniest part of the sketch!

Here’s a look back at nine times Fallon broke character:

Donnie’s Party (Season 25, Episode 13)

Fallon falters from almost his first line (“irregardless” is a funny word) and then can’t keep it together when host Ben Affleck goes full Boston on him.

Behind the Music: More Cowbell (Season 25, Episode 16)

It was clear from the start that the combination of Christopher Walken’s deadpan delivery and Will Ferrell’s teeny shirt could only lead to Fallon breaking.

Jeffrey’s (Season 26, Episode 12)

Fallon can barely keep it together throughout the entire sketch, but host Sean Hayes holds up until Ferrell shows up.

Hot Tub Lovers (Season 27, Episode 16)

Fallon breaks first, but Ferrell and Rachel Dratch’s over-the-top lovemaking (with spiced meats) soon causes everyone to giggle.

The Leatherman (Season 28, Episode 6)

The squeaking leather sounds, plus breaking-character-partner-in-crime Horatio Sanz’s ridiculous dance, equals Fallon unable to contain himself.

Aquarium Repairmen (Season 28, Episode 11)

Whenever Fallon and Sanz team up, they can’t keep straight faces — particularly when they deploy terrible Jersey accents.

The Barry Gibb Talk Show (Season 29, Episode 2)

Fallon does crack a little bit, but he actually stays in character a bit better than the rest of the sketch’s players, including Justin Timberlake and, of course, Sanz.

Debbie Downer (Season 29, Episode 18)

Rachel Dratch’s most famous character is responsible for making Fallon and the rest of the sketch’s players completely lose it. Everyone ends up in tears by the end.

Pat ‘N Patti’s Backpack Shack (Season 29, Episode 19)

This isn’t a major break, but Fallon does smile ruefully when he messes up his rhyming jingle lines as a stock boy at the Backpack Shack.