‘Saturday Night Live‘ Spoofs ’The Watcher,‘ ’Property Brothers,’ Mid-Term Elections and More with Host Amy Schumer

Saturday Night Live” spoofed the Netflix series, “The Watcher” with a digital parody sketch called “The Looker,” with Amy Schumer, in her third turn as host of the show. Schumer earned big laughs as a mom revealed to have a habit of eating second meals at night and other behaviors while watching episodes of “Property Brothers.”

The sketch lampooned the Netflix drama series from producer Ryan Murphy about a family that moves into their dream home in Westfield, New Jersey only to be hounded by creepy letters and weird neighbors. Throughout the sketch, “The Looker” creepily reveals the daily activities of the family– James Austin Johnson as the husband, Chloe Fineman as the daughter and Marcello Hernandez as the son–reporting on boring tidbits like Hernandez practicing guitar and the Fineman practicing TikTok dances, then humiliating Schumer with details of her numerous trips to the bathroom and obsession with the HGTV renovation series “The Property Brothers.” Schumer’s reactions get repeatedly frenzied as the accusations get more bizarre.

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“After everyone’s asleep, she goes to the kitchen and eats an entire second dinner,” the letter reads. “She eats it like a greedy, panicked racoon, afraid of getting caught.”

While her family is creeped by the accuracy of the details, Schumer’s “mom” insists all her “stuff is clearly made up.”

While the husband goes for jogs, “The Looker” observes his wife enjoys it too-for other reasons.

“After you leave, she gets a snack, turns on the TV, and pleasures herself to the ‘Property Brothers,’ ” he says. “”Why is she so aroused by that show,” asks “The Looker” in a creepy letter. “Is it the brothers… or is it the property?”

Other details–that the wife sits on an exercise bike and “doesn’t even pedal” but still is drenched in sweat, are revealed. The family leaves for a hotel-except Schumer–who stays home to continue her “Property Brothers’ habit, addressing The Looker that if he is watching, she is into “the property, not the brothers.”

The show found cast member Johnson pulling double duty as President Joe Biden in the cold open and as President Donald Trump in a later sketch as the last two Twitter employees (played by Fineman and Thompson) hear testimony from banned Twitter users. Cecily Strong plays a woman banned for calling Covid a “plandemic” while Schumer portrayed a fake bot account asking Thompson for his social security number, and Punkie Johnson represented Black Twitter complaining about the $8 subscription. Johnson –as Trump — announces his intentions to run for re-election.

As Biden, Johnson gives a message to American citizens, joking that he tempts fate each morning on a Peloton, and urges voters to Google “Young Joe Biden and take a bubble bath.”

“My fellow Americans, this Tuesday, our midterm elections determine the fate of our democracy,” he opened. “Big yikes.”

He then addresses criticism that Democrats aren’t exciting, without “stars” like Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker on the ballot. One by one, various cast members portrayed the new alternatives, with Chloe Fineman portraying Marianne Williamson, Molly Kearney as Guy Fieri, and Cecily Strong as Stormy Daniels says she is willing to “reach around the aisle to get things done” in Michigan. Kenan Thompson, as Tracy Morgan, also made an appearance, offering cash for belly rubs.

“A lot of you Red-state types finally get broadband so you can share your Paul Pelosi gay erotic fiction at light speed,” said Johnson’s Biden.

Schumer opened the show with a monologue joking that she was the last host before the “mid-term abortion.” She also took swipe at Kanye West.

“My husband has autism spectrum disorder–it used to be called Asberger’s-then they found Dr. Asberger had Nazi ties…Kanye,” she said, looking at her mic, saying, “that’s weird..isn’t that crazy?’

Schumer appeared in numerous sketches as a woman having lunch with Heidi Gardner and Ego Nwodim dying to eat her soup, enduring Gardner sharing a sad tale as Thompson sings a song, “How long must I wait to eat my soup, without looking like an a–hole,’ he sang. As a bored juror in a murder trial, Schumer suggests music, and as she, Bowen Yang and Sarah Sherman burst into what they think is from Taylor Swift’s “Midnights,” but is actually “Some Nights” by Swift producer Jack Antonoff’s former band. Thompson, as the judge, corrects them: ‘That is not a song from ‘Midnights.’ That is a song from Fun.'”

Saturday night’s program was Schumer’s third time hosting the NBC late-night comedy sketch show, having previously held the gig in 2015 alongside the Weeknd and in 2018 with Kacey Musgraves. Her own sketch show, “Inside Amy Schumer,” was just revived for its fifth season on Paramount+ after six years on hiatus from its spot on Comedy Central. Episodes are currently dropping weekly on Thursdays. Schumer is also the creator and star of the 2022 Hulu series “Life & Beth,” and in 2020, she debuted the docuseries “Expecting Amy,” which followed her through her life working in comedy while pregnant.

Steve Lacy, supporting his album “Gemini Rights” performed his number 1 hit single “Bad Habit.”

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