Saturday Night Live host Dave Chappelle asks America to 'look at Pete Davidson's lips'

Marcus Jones
·1 min read


After an extended Saturday Night Live monologue that hit on everything from the 2020 election results to the coronavirus pandemic to Chappelle's Show coming to HBO Max, host Dave Chappelle returned from commercial break on this week's episode to uncharacteristically give an introduction to a sketch about two Black Americans losing their jobs.

And who were those two Black Americans? Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben. As an ad exec played by Alec Baldwin tried to explain why the famous mascots, played by Maya Rudolph and Kenan Thompson, could not continue to represent their brands during this time, the pair tried to defend themselves by throwing the Allstate guy —played by Chappelle — under the bus.

While Chappelle didn’t do much costume-wise to look like Dennis Haysbert, the comedian did a pitch-perfect impression of his voice, defending himself and joking that he’s better known as the guy from Waiting to Exhale.

The moment that got everyone to crack, though, came when Pete Davidson showed up dressed as Count Chocula, trying to convince the firing panel that he’s not Black, he’s just made of chocolate. In one of the night's most memorable moments, Chappelle broke the fourth wall to say, “Seriously, America, look at Pete Davidson’s lips.”

Watch the full sketch above.

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