We Sat Down With Paige DeSorbo to Chat Summer Plans, Summer ’Fits, and, Of Course, ‘Summer House’

paige desorbo
Paige DeSorbo Is Spilling on All Things Summer 👀Malibu

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If you aren’t on the Paige DeSorbo bandwagon yet, it’s time to hop the fuck on. Honestly, if the fashion journalist turned reality TV star turned Giggly Squad host isn’t on your radar yet...I’m not sure I believe you. Paige is everywhere these days, gracing TikTok FYPs and TV screens alike, especially as season 8 of Bravo’s Summer House comes to a (very! dramatic!) close this month.

I recently had the chance to sit down with Paige to chat all things summer—which, as you can imagine, is her specialty. That’s why Malibu tapped her for its new campaign, which encourages people to live their best vacation lives this sunny season, even if they’re stuck in a city. (Btw, the campaign includes a Paige-approved cocktail—recipe here, if you’re thirsty—a chic LSPACE x Malibu exclusive tote bag, and a ResortPass x Malibu Vacation You cabana experience at hotel pools across the country.) “I feel like Malibu is, like, the quintessential vacation drink. Plus, it’s the first drink I had when I turned 21, so there’s major nostalgia,” Paige told me of the partnership.

Beyond drinks, Paige also spilled on vacationing with boyfriend Craig Conover (including his airplane etiquette 👀), her current vacation style (plus inspo), and how watching herself on TV is anything but a vacation. Take a gander down below for the scoop, and prepare to get a little giggly along the way—no alcohol required.

What does your ideal vacation look like?

I am a big proponent of not having an itinerary. If anyone is like, “We have to be here, and we have to walk to see this museum, and...,” like, I’m not going. I like laying in different places that I haven’t laid before. And that’s my favorite thing to do in New York, because we truly have the best rooftops, so it’s easy for me to find my vacation mood in the city.

What’s your go-to rooftop in NYC?

Well, I used to go to Refinery Rooftop allll the time in my peak going-out days. To the point where I actually can’t walk by the building now. I’d rather not remember those times. But I think any rooftop that has a pool is the best.

paige desorbo

How do you battle the brutal NYC heat?!

I’m a big fan of air-conditioning, so that’s one thing. And once it hits May, I take a break from the subway. I don’t know if it’s my older age, but recently, I can’t smell certain things and not throw up. I can’t control it anymore, so in the summer, I genuinely can’t walk on certain streets in New York because I cannot smell them. I’d rather walk, sweat, and get a blister, or walk halfway and then taxi the rest. And that’s girl math, you know—you didn’t actually take an Uber if you only went halfway.

Do you have any fun trips planned?

I go on a family vacation to Italy every year, and that’s my favorite vacation of all time. If someone said, “You should move to Italy and sell lemons,” I’d do it. I can leave this life behind. Twist my arm. We’re from the South, so we go to Positano and Capri and other places in that area. It’s the best place on earth.

You fly a lot, both for vacation and for work. How do you feel about flying?

I have a love/hate relationship with it. I’m actually a very easy flyer. I get on the plane, put my bag away, sit down, put my seatbelt on, put my headphones on, and mind my own business. I am dating someone, though, who loves chatting. Even if we’ve been together for hours prior to the flight, he’s still got things to say to me. So we’re very different in that respect.

Is Craig the kind of guy who will talk to other people on the airplane or just you?

Oh, if anyone talks to him, he’s 100 percent striking up a conversation. If you are scrolling through your phone and have pictures of your grandkids, he’s interested.

Okay, so when you travel with him, are you an airport princess?

I turn my brain right off. He is great to travel with. He takes pride in it—he loves knowing exactly how much time we have to get places, and he loves beating his own time. That’s something that we don’t talk enough about—men just trying to time themselves doing random tasks. It keeps them occupied, so I’m here for it, but it’s also like, okay? But yeah, he loves knowing exactly where the Delta Lounge is, how many minutes we can spend there...and I love that too, because I don’t care.

Does he plan your trips too?

Totally depends. He definitely loves traveling more than I do. I think he has more of the travel bug, so if we’re going on a trip, he’s most likely picking certain aspects of it and I’m a little bit more go with the flow. But a big chunk of our travel together has been for weddings, honestly.

You love fashion, obvi. How do you think your vacation style has changed between your 20s and your 30s?

It’s so funny because even in the beginning of doing Summer House, I feel like I dressed so differently. I was very worried about, like, what my nighttime outfits were and what was I going to go out in. Now when I’m packing, I’m like, “What’s gonna look like Sofia Richie picked it out but is really from Zara.” These days, I’d rather have a really good day look that looks really expensive and chic, whereas I used to only care about whether my miniskirt was too small to wear with my crop top.

Whether for vacation or just real life, what are some trends you’re already seeing this summer that you’re obsessed with?

I’m very into ballet flats for the summer, even though they’re not for everyone. I’m to the point now where I'm excited for summer and I can’t put socks on anymore, but you’re putting yourself at risk if you wear sandals in New York. Your feet get so dirty and anyone can pee on you at any time. So I love ballet flats. I also love sets, and I’m very into cardigans right now.

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I know you just moved, so other than Malibu, what was the first thing you stocked your new fridge with?

I always have seltzers. Because, well, I’m alive and they’re also just great mixers. And recently, I’ve been drinking Saint James tea. I’ve been obsessed with those. They’re really light.

Do you watch Summer House as it comes out on TV?

No, I don’t watch it like a viewer, like Thursday nights at 9. I would combust from anxiety. But I do watch them...in my own way.

So you watch them before they come out to the public?

Yes, and I go through a visceral thing where I just can’t watch myself, I hate it. Sometimes I’ll make my mom watch it, and then other times I’m like, “You know what, I already know I got into a fight this week. I don’t want to see a single second of it.” It’s like watching Instagram Stories that you can’t delete the next day. You know when you wake up on a Saturday morning and you’re like, “I don't know her, get her out of here?” That’s what it’s like watching yourself on reality TV.

This interview has been lightly edited and condensed for clarity.

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