Who Is Sarah Snook's Husband? All About Dave Lawson

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Sarah Snook and Dave Lawson fell in love while quarantining in 2020. They welcomed their first baby together in 2023

Sarah Snook Instagram
Sarah Snook Instagram

Sarah Snook surprised fans when she revealed that she secretly got married to comedian Dave Lawson during the COVID-19 pandemic. She shocked fans yet again when she revealed her 32-week baby bump at the season 4 premiere of Succession in March 2023.

Two months later, Snook subtly shared on Instagram that she and Lawson had welcomed their first child together.

Lawson and Snook first met in 2014, however, their relationship remained platonic for years as they were never "single at the same time." The Succession star and the comedian turned their friendship into a romance during lockdown when they quarantined together in early 2020.

"At the beginning of the pandemic last year, I got locked down in Melbourne with one of my best mates and we fell in love," Snook told Vogue Australia.

Shortly after they took their relationship to the next level, Snook decided to pop the question. On Halloween day in 2020, Snook suggested the pair get married — and just a few months later, they wed in her backyard in Brooklyn, New York. Their marriage remained a secret for nearly eight months, and while they eventually shared the happy news, they've kept the rest of their relationship private.

So, who is Sarah Snook's husband? Here's everything to know about Dave Lawson.

He was born and raised in Australia

Jazz Charton Instagram
Jazz Charton Instagram

Like his wife, Lawson is an Australian native. He grew up in Melbourne, Victoria, and attended Haileybury College as a teenager before going on to study advertising and marketing at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, according to his LinkedIn profile. While his parents wanted him to pursue a more traditional career path, he said they always supported his goals.

"I said to dad, 'I want to really, really want to try acting,' And he said, 'Well, alright, you should give it a go then for a bit but give yourself a cut off time,' " Lawson shared on the Funny in Failure podcast. "But he was supportive as well because he said, 'You know 99% of actors are out of work but that also means that 1% are in work.' That was great."

He is a television personality and actor

Keely Hawes Instagram
Keely Hawes Instagram

Lawson got his start in the entertainment industry thanks to a friend's mom, who was a casting agent. While he was in college, she helped him get several roles in television commercials for brands like Dr. Pepper and Kmart as he explained on Funny in Failure. Eventually, Lawson was approached by Nickelodeon's Australian network about hosting Saturday Nick Television. He went on to work with Nickelodeon for several years, where hosted numerous programs like Sarvo and Camp Orange — and even the Australian Kids' Choice Awards.

"I never set out to be a kid show host. That was never on the cards. But then, you know, you get through one audition, then you get to another and then you start getting excited and go, 'I actually really want to do this now,' " Lawson shared on the podcast, later calling working with the network "the best job."

After Lawson "stopped enjoying the slime," he transitioned into acting and has since earned a number of credits in various TV shows and movies, including Wentworth, Blue Heelers and The Crew's Ship. He also lent his voice to Peter Rabbit and Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway.

He has a son from a previous relationship

As he revealed during the Funny in Failure podcast, Lawson has a son from a previous relationship. While he hasn't shared much information about his son, he said becoming a dad was the best thing to happen to him.

"I can't have regrets because I wouldn't have [my son]. It's that problem, if you go back in time and change one thing. A lot of it comes back to being a dad. If I change one thing … I wouldn't want to risk undoing that," Lawson explained.

He and Snook have known each other since 2014

Snook and Lawson first met back in 2014 and quickly became friends. In 2018, Snook even made a guest appearance on Lawson's online talk show, Dave's Shed Show.

"We've been friends since 2014, lived together, traveled together, always excited to see each other, but totally platonic," Snook shared with Vogue Australia.

He and Snook fell in love while quarantining together

When the pandemic hit in early 2020, Snook and Lawson found themselves quarantining together. The duo had previously "never been single at the same time," and as time passed while hunkered down at home, Snook said they "fell in love."

Another contributor to their friendship turning romantic was the short romantic comedy they worked on together, Pause, which Snook both starred in and directed. The actress told the outlet it marked a turning point in their relationship where she began to see Lawson in a new light.

"That's when I was like: 'Oh, that's interesting,' " Snook said.

He made Snook the tin-foil trophy she had at the 2020 Emmys

Sarah Snook Instagram
Sarah Snook Instagram

When the 2020 Emmys were held virtually, Lawson was by Snook's side to celebrate her nomination. Although she didn't win, Lawson ensured she didn't walk away empty-handed by fashioning her a replica trophy out of tin foil. Snook showed it off on an Instagram Story, joking that she wanted to crumple it after her loss but didn't want to "ruin your artistry."

Snook later confirmed during her October 2021 cover story for Town & Country that Lawson was the artist behind the trophy.

They got married in Snook's backyard in New York in 2021

After falling in love with Lawson, Snook took matters into her own hands and proposed to him on Halloween in 2020. When the couple were able to leave Australia, they traveled to Snook's home in Brooklyn, New York — and ended up tying the knot in her backyard in February 2021.

Snook wore a vintage velvet Chloé coat and matched Lawson in a pair of Blundstone boots.

He and Snook welcomed their first baby together in 2023

<p>Sarah Snook Instagram</p>

Sarah Snook Instagram

In May 2023, Snook revealed on Instagram that she'd given birth to her first child with Lawson. The actress shared a photo of her and the newborn watching the series finale of Succession.

"I just watched the final episode of the final season of something that has changed my life. And now, my life has changed again. Thank you for all the love and support," Snook captioned the sweet image.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty
Jamie McCarthy/Getty

Two months earlier, Snook announced her pregnancy on the red carpet at the season 4 premiere of Succession in New York City. She showed off her 32-week baby belly in a body-hugging, black one-piece.

"It's exciting!" she told Entertainment Tonight. "I feel great."

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