Sarah Paulson calls out actress who gave her 6 pages of unsolicited notes: 'I hope to see you never'

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"It was outrageous. It was really outrageous. Trish Hawkins, I have not forgotten it," the Emmy winner said.

Sarah Paulson is not pulling any punches when it comes to a fellow actress who gave her unsolicited notes about a role.

The Emmy-winning star stopped by the newest episode of the Smartless podcast when she opened up about the "outrageous" experience to hosts and fellow thesps Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett.

The group was in the middle of talking about the theater custom of celebrities coming backstage after a show to meet with the cast, when Paulson let loose.

"I did do a play once. The last time I was on stage, I did a play called Talley’s Folly at the Roundabout, and the actress — and I’m going to say this, and I’m not going to ask you to cut this out, because I don’t f---ing care — this actress came to the play. Her name is Trish Hawkins — Hi, Trish! Hi, Trisha!” Paulson began. “Trish Hawkins came to the play — am I going to get sued? I don’t care, because I think this is outrageous."

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She continued, "But she came to the play, proceeded to say — she looked at me up and down and then she went, ‘Your dress is yellow. Mine was pink.’ And I thought, ‘What?’”

Turns out, Hawkins originated the role of Sally Talley in Talley’s Folley both during its 1979 off-Broadway performances and its Broadway debut in 1980. Paulson, meanwhile, played the same character in the rom-com, written by Lanford Wilson, in an off-Broadway revival in 2013.

According to Paulson, her own mother had brought Hawkins with her to the play because the two were "in some sort of writing group together."

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<p>Walter McBride/Corbis via Getty</p> Sarah Paulson and Danny Burstein in a 2013 production of 'Talley's Folly'

Walter McBride/Corbis via Getty

Sarah Paulson and Danny Burstein in a 2013 production of 'Talley's Folly'

"Cut to two days later, I got an email that was six pages long of notes and a communication to me about what she had done when she had done the play, what she recommended I do,” Paulson added. “It was outrageous. It was really outrageous. Trish Hawkins, I have not forgotten it, and I hope to see you never.”

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Apparently it struck a nerve with Paulson, who told the group that she does indeed still have the notes, but she never said anything to her mother about the incident.

"I just put it back in the file of things my mom has done," she said. EW has reached out to Hawkins for comment.

Before moving the conversation along, Arnett expressed his support of Paulson's brutal honesty.

"I don’t know you as well as these guys, and I have a real feeling that we’re going to be better friends than they could ever imagine," he said, adding, "I love you for saying that so f---ing much.”

Listen to the full Smartless episode with Paulson in the video above.

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