Sarah Palin & Estranged Husband Todd Make Peace During Birth of Granddaughters

Sarah and Todd Palin may be going through a cantankerous divorce, but the two were able to set aside their differences during some fantastic family news -- they're grandparents! Both Sarah and Todd were seen smiling together Monday in photographs while meeting their granddaughters, Banks and Blaise, following daughter Willow giving birth to twins.

"Banks&Blaise!! 💕💕BlessingX2 💕💕Congratulations Willow&Ricky = and then there were four💕💕" the former Governor of Alaska wrote on Instagram alongside a gallery of a ton of photos.

Sarah posted photos of her and Todd holding the twins, grandparents and other family members visiting the Alaskan hospital, including their 11-year-old son Trigg.


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"Banks and Blaise... we are so in love with you girls," Willow captioned the photo of the newborns. She announced her pregnancy on Instagram back in May with a photo of dual baby outfits and a sonogram picture along with the caption, "and then there were four."

Willow is sharing the joy with her husband Ricky Bailey. The two tied the knot in September 2018, almost a year after getting engaged in December 2017.

During the pregnancy, Willow got lots of help from her sisters, including 18-year-old Piper Palin who helped organize a baby shower for her big sister.

"Thank you @piper.p and @ckckperry for giving me the best baby shower! And thank you to everyone else who showered these babies with love!" Willow wrote on Instagram back in September.


The photos of Sarah and Todd are the first time we've seen them together since the patriarch of the Palin family filed for divorce after 31 years of marriage. As we previously reported, the documents were only filed using the former couple's initials. Todd listed "incompatibility of temperament" in his marriage to "such that they find it impossible to continue to live together as husband and wife."

Todd, who is using the same divorce attorney as daughter Bristol's ex Dakota Meyer, has also requested joint custody of Trigg. The other Palin children, including Bristol, Track, Piper and Willow, are all adults.

Sarah recently appeared on a Christian radio show and spoke about receiving the news that she was getting divorced.

"It was devastating. I thought I got shot ... I found out from an email from an attorney saying that she was hired and that was on June 19th, I’ll never forget it."

Not Giving Up Hope

Even though the Palins may be going through a divorce, Sarah has not given up hope on saving the marriage.

"We're going through counseling now, so it's not over, over. Attorneys are getting rich off of us and I don't like that whole system. It makes no sense to me."

Sarah also revealed that her kids are having a tough time with the breakup.

"My parents, they've been married for 58 years, and my siblings. Everybody's kind of traditional family sticks together through thick and thin because you made a vow to God that through thick and thin, good and bad, you're going to make that choice to ... You're going to jump whatever hurdles are in front of you and you're going to make it, so my kids witnessing what's happening, they don't like it."