Sarah Michelle Gellar Tells Howard Stern to Pay Up for Losing Bet on Her Marriage to Freddie Prinze Jr

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Sarah Michelle Gellar has come to collect two decades after she married Freddie Prinze Jr. – and Howard Stern waged a million-dollar bet that it wouldn’t last.

On Thursday, the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” star marked their 20-year anniversary with a photo from their wedding. She also posted an Instagram story recalling Prinze Jr.’s interview on “The Howard Stern Show” from around the same time.

In the screenshots, Stern tells Prinze Jr. that their marriage was doomed to fail after a few years. “So, you will marry Sarah Michelle Gellar even though you know that it won’t last?” he asked the actor.

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When the actor retorted that it “absolutely” would last, the radio host proposed they bet on it.

“I wanna make a written bet with you,” Stern said. “In about 10 years, you’re gonna hunt me down and go, ‘Howard, I owe you money.’”

Two decades and two kids later, Gellar and Prinze Jr. got the last laugh – and want what they’re owed.

“@SternShow I think you owe us,” the actress captioned her Instagram story. Her husband reposted it, adding: “She will not forget,” next to two laughing emojis.

Previously, Prinze Jr. addressed the bet on a 2016 AOL Build interview, saying that marriage was “hard work” and not just “dumb luck.”

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“I did ‘The Howard Stern Show’ when I was a young buck, and he was cracking jokes that, you know, me and Sarah were just sleeping together and we’d break up in a few years,” he remembered. “And he bet me a million dollars that we would break up in under five years.”

“You have not paid that bet, young man,” Prinze Jr. said into the camera, laughing.

The happily married couple met in 1997 on the set of “I Know What You Did Last Summer” and went on to star in five films together. Following the sequel “I Still Know What You Did Last Summer,” they both appeared in “She’s All That.” They famously played screen couple Fred and Daphne in two “Scooby Doo” movies, in 2002 and 2004. The couple began dating in 2000 and got married two years later, when she was 25 and he was 26.

You can watch Freddie Prinze Jr.’s full 2001 interview with Howard Stern here.

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