Sarah Hyland to Star in Ty Burrell’s ABC Comedy Project ‘Yours, Mine and Paul’s’

“Modern Family” stars Sarah Hyland and Ty Burrell will reunite for a new comedy at their old network, ABC. Hyland will star in “Yours, Mine & Paul’s,” a comedy project in development with Burrell as an executive producer.

Written by Burrell’s “Mouth Feelings” co-host Julia Meltzer, the series centers on a woman (Hyland) who agrees to be a surrogate for her best friend Paul and his husband, whom she hates. Paul also dies in the first episode. Burrell will serve as an executive producer on the project, alongside the three other “Mouth Feelings” hosts, Mel Cowan, Jonny Meeks and Joel Spence.

“Yours, Mind & Paul’s” is the first project for Burrell’s Desert Whale under his two-year first-look deal with 20th Television.

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Hyland will play Lauren, described as an impulsive faux-enlightened millennial. She likes the idea of being the glowing, pregnant center of attention for nine months without having to take care of a crying baby at the end of it. After Paul’s sudden death, she is confronted with the looming possibility of motherhood and co-parenting with her nemesis.

Deadline first reported.

Burrell and Hyland co-starred for 11 seasons on “Modern Family,” which like “Yours, Mine & Paul’s” was produced out of the formerly-known-as 20th Century Fox Television. Last week, Disney finally dropped the “Fox” name from the studio, rebranding it as 20th Television.

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