Santa Fe International Film Festival honor 14 films, 'Reservation Dogs' filmmaker Sterlin Harjo

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Oct. 24—The Santa Fe International Film Festival wrapped up its 15th year on Sunday, Oct. 22.

The festival was curated from 3,800 films submitted from 101 different countries.

According to Liesette Bailey, SFiFF executive director, the Best Narrative Feature and Best Narrative Short include prize packages from Panavision and Light Iron.

There will also be select cash prizes awarded from the Santa Fe Film Institute, as well as select prizes from XP Pen and Media Services.

This year's awards went to:


Sterlin Harjo.


Best Narrative Feature presented by Panavision

"With Love and a Major Organ" directed by Kim Albright.

Best Documentary Feature

"Bad Press" directed by Rebecca Landsberry-Baker and Joe Peeler.

Special Jury Award for Documentary Feature

"Aitamaako'tamisskapi Natosi: Before the Sun" directed by Banchi Hanuse.

Best New Mexico Narrative Feature

"Little Brother" directed by Sheridan O'Donnell.

Best New Mexico Documentary Feature

"First We Bombed New Mexico" directed by Lois Lipman.

Best Narrative Short presented by Panavision

"Mirage" directed by Jhanvi Motla.

Special Jury Award for Narrative Short

"Rabbit Hole" directed by Aaron Schoonover.

Best Documentary Short

"The Test" directed by Claudia Myers and Laura Waters Hinson.

Special Jury Award for Documentary Short

"Eat Flowers" directed by River Autumn Finlay.

Best Animated Short

"Ninety-Five Senses" directed by Jerusha Hess and Jared Hess.

Honorable Mention for Animated Short

"Stages of Lost Freedom" directed by Kamran S. Rosen.

Best Experimental Short

"Lovebugs" directed by Teddy Alvarez-Nissen.

Best New Mexico Short

"Border Lord" directed by Andy Pollack.

Best Short by an Indigenous Filmmaker

"Urpi: Her Last Wish" directed by Sisa Quispe.

The narrative features jury consists of Danny Rubin, Cassidy Freeman, Kathleen Broyles, Yolonda Ross, Maura Dhu Studi and Jhane Myers/

The documentary features jury consists of Glenn Silber, Ivey Camille Manybeads, Michele Chiappetta, Gay Dillingham, Sandrine Cassidy.

The New Mexico features jury consists of Hunter Robert Baker, Shaandiin Tome, Pete Ohs, Alexandra Henry.

The short film jury is comprised of Amy Grappell, Lisa Leeman, Lynn Hamrick, Michael Fink, Raúl Garza and Sarah El Khawand.

The New Mexico short film jury is made up of Nancy Richardson, Erica Nguyen, Peshawn Bread, Amanda Lundquist and Sylvia Johnson.