Sans Soucis Returns With The Powerful ‘All Over This Party’

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Sans Soucis - Photo: Matilda Hill-Jenkins (Courtesy of Decca Records)
Sans Soucis - Photo: Matilda Hill-Jenkins (Courtesy of Decca Records)

London-based songwriter, artist, and producer Sans Soucis has returned with a single “All Over This Party,” which is the first release on their new deal with Decca Records.

The Italian-Congolese artist moved to the UK at the age of 20 to pursue their dream of creating music. Previous EP On Time For Her followed the arc of them moving from a personal limbo to reuniting with their authentic self, tackling childhood and racial trauma.

Receiving praise from The Guardian, The Independent, FADER, The Forty-Five, trench, and more, it combined elements of Congolese Rumba, classic Italian songwriting, electronic R&B, and alt-pop sounds. “All Over This Party” is the newest offering from Sans Soucis and is the result of all the previous introspection in their last project.

The Kaytranada-esque dance pop cut is a confident return and announcement of a new era. “This song is a way for me to reclaim my power in an environment that very often misgenders, abuses, and stigmatises femme presenting people,” says Sans Soucis. “I’m non-binary and my gender identity is fluid. I wanted to celebrate this awareness by literally summoning my friends who have been such an inspiration for me in this journey.”

It comes alongside a visual directed by Sar e, a joyous celebration of queer pride: “Capturing the energy of those close friendships that allow you to feel safe and expressive felt really key to this video, I wanted the choppy match cuts between scenes to be representative of that connection with your closest always being there no matter where you are,” Sar e says. “Each set up is curated to its own colour palette and tied together with the choreography, but everyone in it brings their own style and movement to it, nothing is uniform, celebrating individuality, layered with the fun textures of 16mm film.”

“To all the introverted extroverts, home is where we feel like we don’t need to be contained, we’re not subdued, we’re neither in danger nor threatening anyone with the power of our bodies and identities,” says Sans Soucis.

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