‘American Gods’ Creators Really Want to Make a ‘Sandman’ TV Series

·Senior Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

Of all the yet-to-be-made comic book adaptations floating around Hollywood, perhaps the one that most inflames the fantasies of fans is The Sandman, the long-stalled translation of Neil Gaiman’s groundbreaking 1989-1996 series. Over the course of 75 issues, the author and geek icon spun the saga of Dream, one of the seven Endless who appear on the page as incarnations of such typically formless concepts as Death, Destiny, and Delirium. Spanning millennia and worlds, Dream’s journeys take him from his home base in the Dreaming to the depths of Hell and other realms beyond Earth.

The sheer scope of The Sandman has always made it a challenging comic to adapt, with various movie versions coalescing and then falling apart over the years. But Gaiman has a modest proposal for the property’s current owners at DC Comics (and Time Warner): Let Bryan Fuller and Michael Green — the duo behind Starz’s upcoming adaptation of Gaiman’s 2001 novel, American Gods make it into a TV show. “I’m hoping that the success of American Gods will show Time Warner that maybe something as huge and shapeless and strange as Sandman would be best suited to television,” Gaiman tells Yahoo TV. Fuller agrees, saying that bringing Dream to life in a serialized TV series would be a dream project. “Those comics are so filled with so much story, and so much humanity and such visual candy — try to stop us if we have half the opportunity.”

American Gods premieres Sunday, Apr. 30, at 9 p.m. on Starz.

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