Samsung TV Plus price, channels, shows and how to watch

 Samsung TV Plus
Samsung TV Plus

If you own a Samsung device, be it one of the company's phones, TVs or even refrigerators, you may have come across something called Samsung TV Plus.

This is Samsung's very own streaming service delivering more than a hundred live TV channels, thousands of movies and exclusive shows on demand. It's equivalent to a live TV streaming service but ad-supported instead of paid-for.

Whether you're an existing Samsung customer who wants to try out this new tool, or a prospective one who wants to check out the perks, here's what you need to know about Samsung TV Plus.

Is Samsung TV Plus free?

While Samsung TV Plus is free and there’s no need to pay for another subscription, you can't use Samsung TV Plus without paying a little bit of cash.

If you already own a Samsung device, you won't have to pay any more than you already have, as the app comes pre-loaded or free to install on your devices.

If you don't already have a Samsung gadget you'll need to buy one, so it's not totally free to use. Samsung's cheapest devices will be its Galaxy A phones and tablets, which both have options under $/£200 for their most affordable options. You can also buy Samsung TVs which come in a range of sizes and resolutions, and you can browse the Samsung website here.

What devices does Samsung TV Plus run on?

Samsung TV Plus is only available on gadgets from the brand, so not on non-Samsung Android phones or smart TVs, for example.

The compatible Samsung devices include TVs of course, and also its smart computer monitors, Galaxy mobile phones and tablets, and also the Family Hub range of fridges.

There are some Samsung devices it won't run on, but none of them are particularly surprising: its smartwatches, and devices without a screen, obviously don't have access.

How to stream on Samsung TV Plus

If you own a compatible TV for Samsung TV Plus, streaming is really easy as it'll come pre-installed on your device. Just hunt around for the app and select it to start streaming.

Just note that, while Samsung TV Plus launched in 2015, the app only started coming pre-installed in 2016, so if you have an older device there's a tiny chance that you might need to install it from the device's onboard app store.

If you're accessing the service via a Samsung Galaxy mobile or tablet, you'll need to head either to the Google Play Store or Galaxy Store to download the app before you use it.

What channels does Samsung TV Plus offer?

Samsung TV Plus offers roughly 200 channels, and while the breakdown is different in the US and UK, there is something for all viewers across the service.

In the UK you get access to channels like Bloomberg, The Guardian, PBS America and Comedy Hub, as well as channels dedicated to shows like Hell's Kitchen, Homes Under the Hammer and Deal or No Deal. You can find the full channel list here.

Some of the biggest shows to note are American Idol and America’s Got Talent (the only place that you can watch the full seasons in the UK) and the Jamie Oliver Channel, where you can watch Jamie’s favorite shows 24/7 on the channel exclusively in the UK.

In the US the selection includes CBS News, USA Today, Hallmark Movies, Paramount Movie Channel and The Bob Ross Channel — you can find the entire list here.

With free live TV channels spanning multiple genres like news, movies, kids, entertainment, sports and crime there is definitely something for everyone.

Samsung TV Plus
Samsung TV Plus

Does Samsung TV Plus have a video-on-demand library?

Samsung TV Plus has both live and on-demand options available. Viewers can toggle between the ‘Live’ and ‘Discover’ functions to watch live channels at any time or select on-demand episodes of their chosen show.

It is also worth noting that the service updates with fresh content every month to keep you entertained.

Is Samsung TV Plus the same as Apple TV Plus?

No, they're actually totally different, despite the similar names.

Samsung TV Plus is for FAST, or free ad-supported streaming, so you don't have to pay to watch live TV, albeit with ads at points.

Apple TV Plus is a VOD, or video-on-demand, streaming service, so you get to browse from a library of videos to watch at your leisure. Sometimes these are free, but Apple TV Plus isn't. Apple's streamer also has Originals whereas Samsung TV Plus is just for existing content.