Samoa Joe On HOOK Kicking Out At 1: It’s Disgusting, It’s Wrong, We Need A Petition

Samoa Joe
Photo Credit: AEW / Lee South
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Samoa Joe still can’t believe HOOK kicked out at 1.

WrestleZone Senior Editor Matt Black spoke with AEW World Champion Samoa Joe to promote his role as King Shark in the Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League video game.

Joe also spoke about his recent run in AEW, which includes a successful title defense against HOOK on the January 17 episode of Dynamite. During the match, HOOK kicked out of Joe’s Muscle Buster finisher at the count of one. Some fans took real issue with this, considering how protected Joe’s signature move had been over the years.

It was a damn travesty

Samoa Joe was asked to respond to the critics who didn’t like HOOK kicking out early. As it turns out, Joe is upset too, and he wants to hear how everyone feels about it.

“I say they should air their grievances. They should tweet about it, they should Instagram about it,” Joe said. “They should let the world know about the displeasure about what happened during that. And I think that it needs to be that way. It needs to be unadulterated, unfiltered; you need to say what you think and get out there and let the world know how you feel about it.

“Because I thought it was a damn travesty myself. I agree with y’all. It was ridiculous, and I can’t believe it happened. It’s disgusting, and it’s wrong. And let’s get together. Man, get a petition. Where’s the petition? I haven’t seen a petition yet,” he noted. “Are y’all serious about this? We need a petition! Listen, I’ll be the first to sign. It’s gross. That’s what I think. Let the free man speak the free word. There we go. Boom.”

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League will be released on February 2, 2024 for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles, and for PC.

Check out our full interview with Samoa Joe below:

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