Samantha Bee Speaks With Trolls Paid by Russian Government to Influence Election

On Full Frontal, Samantha Bee wanted to find out the truth behind the alleged Russian online influence in the upcoming election. So she went to the source: Russia. Bee met up with a couple of trolls — wearing masks to hide their identities — who are paid by the Russian government to: garner support for Russia’s intervention in Ukraine, advance Putin’s standing on the world stage, and, you guessed it, meddle with the American presidential election. A lot of people don’t believe that last part, including Donald Trump, despite the fact that the intelligence community has briefed him on Russia’s activities.

One of the trolls said, “The reason I’m hired is to make simple people change their mind about their vote and also about Russia.”

That same troll also said that people are to blame because they’re lazy and believe everything they read.

When asked if she has a preference between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the troll said that Trump seems nicer than Clinton. Her reasoning is that Trump doesn’t say the things about Russia that Clinton does, while Clinton constantly accuses Russia of doing exactly what the Russian government pays the troll to do.

The other government-employed troll Bee interviewed said he has three main goals: to make people angry, to change people’s minds, and to silence people completely. When asked why he does it, he said that when he sees something he doesn’t like, he feels he needs to break it or change it, and it just so happens that what he’s trying to change now are the minds of Americans to fit more closely with Russian government objectives.

Barrack Obama talks about a potential Clinton presidency with Samantha Bee:

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