Samantha Bee Rips NRA After Orlando: ‘Yes, I Do Want to Take Those Guns Away’ (Video)

Brian Flood

Samantha Bee urged lawmakers to do something other than pray in order to end mass shootings during Monday’s “Full Frontal” on TBS.

“Until we, as a nation, find the political will to reject a mass shooting per day as the price of freedom, I’m just going to pray,” Bee said sarcastically. “Are you there, God? It’s Sam. Please bless the victims and their friends and families in this time of unspeakable pain. Give us the courage to say, ‘no more,’ and while you’re at it, please send the NRA a plague of boils.”

Bee opened her show with a scathing monologue, ripping the NRA and Florida’s governor Rick Scott.

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“Stop thinking and do something to improve our society!” she said after a montage of Scott repeatedly mentioning prayer as an answer.

“Sit[ting] quietly in a room with your eyes closed, talking to nobody, isn’t a reasonable solution towards fixing our mass shootings,” Bee said.

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She took aim at the NRA for preventing guns like the AR-15 used in the Orlando massacre to be outlawed.

“What Paul Giamatti is to biopics, the highly profitable AR-15 is deadly mass shooting,” Bee said. “Yes, I do want to take those guns away.”

Watch the video above.

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