Samantha Bee accuses the GOP of playing the victim

On Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, Bee called out Republicans for adopting the victim role in recent weeks. It began during Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings, she says. Women, many of them sexual assault survivors, protested his nomination in the halls, making it uncomfortable for senators — something conservative pundits and politicians alike took umbrage with. Leading up to the midterm elections, many GOP ads are making it seem as if the party is under attack from the left, and Bee took umbrage with that.

“Republicans control all three branches of government. How do you play the victim when you’ve won everything there is to win? Well, they found a way: Telling people that Democrats are going to eat them,” Bee said before showing some of the ads.

During the Kavanaugh process, President Trump tried to frame the nominee’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, and protesters as the aggressors and Kavanaugh as the victim. “Stop making it sound like sexual assault survivors are this vastly powerful cabal,” Bee said of this assertion. “They are not. You know how I know that? Because one of these people [Kavanaugh] became a Supreme Court justice, and the other [Ford] can’t go back to her f***ing home.” That’s because she continued to receive threats even after Kavanaugh was confirmed.

Bee also took issue with the GOP’s most recent tactic: using the word mob in relation to the left. Sure, she said, there has been a large number of anti-Trump protests since he took office, but the vast majority have been peaceful.

“Just because people are protesting something doesn’t make them a mob,” Bee noted. “At this rate they’re gonna rebrand Mahatma Gandhi as Mahatma ‘The Killa’ Gandhi. It’s getting a little hard to take Republicans seriously on this.”

Bee pointed out the GOP’s hypocrisy in portraying members as the victims of dangerous left-wing mobs when, during the campaign, there were actual victims of violence at the hand of dangerous mobs — those being Trump supporters.

“It Is tremendously ballsy for the slow-motion rage aneurysm that is the GOP to accuse the left of being a mob,” Bee said. “They elected a president the way someone keys a car. At this point their slogan should just be, ‘AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’”

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