Sam Asghari Plans To Act, Host Following Britney Spears Divorce


Actor Sam Asghari has big career plans following his divorce from pop star Britney Spears.

The 29-year-old actor filed for divorce on August 16, citing "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for the split, per court documents obtained by The Blast. He listed the date of separation as July 28, 2023, hinting that this divorce has been coming for a while.

Last week, fans learned that the "Special Ops: Lioness" actor had been living in a swanky Los Angeles high-rise, although, unfortunately, it seems to be on Britney's dime. A new report indicates that Sam is staying close to Hollywood because he is hoping to score not just more acting deals, but a TV hosting gig as well.

Sam Asghari Reportedly Wants To Act, Become TV Host Amid Britney Spears Divorce


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Sam Asghari at The Premiere of the final season of Star Trek: Picard in Los Angeles

Sam Asghari is a SAG-AFTRA member, which means that he won't be making any big career moves right now. With the writer's strike and actor's strike still ongoing, most of Hollywood is on hiatus. However, it looks like he is planning on making some big career moves when both strikes are all said and done.

Sources have been telling TMZ that the actor has no plans to return to work as a personal trainer. In 2016, he appeared in the music video for Britney's "Slumber Party," which is how the two met, but he was also been working at Royal Personal Training in Los Angeles at the time.

Now, he is interested in not only acting but in hosting as well. Sources told the outlet that Sam did not have any projects lined up before the writer's strike and hasn't been attached to anything since Hollywood remains on strike, but that is what he would like to do going forward.

In the meantime, sources say that he has been spending time with his family. Amid reports that he has been spending time with his sister, the actor has also been spending time with his mother following a "major accident" that left her in the emergency room last month.

Sam's Mother Reportedly Suffered A 'Major Accident' Which Led To A 'Social Media Break'

Sam Asghari reveals his mother is in the hospital
Instagram Stories | Sam Asghari

In late July, the Iranian actor took to his Instagram Stories to thank the staff at Cedars Senai for caring for his mother after her "major accident." At the time, he wrote, “A huge thanks to the staff of @cedarssinai Emergency Medical Staff,” he wrote at the time. “Today my mother was involved in a major accident. She was taken to the emergency room. With the amazing help of the medical staff and some friends she’s doing okay and resting it off.”

His father, Mike, and his mother, Fatima, moved Sam and his two older sisters from Iran to the United States when he was only thirteen years old. As a result, the family has remained close over the years.

Britney's Mom Had Commented On His Post AFTER The Separation

Sam Asghari addresses his mother's major accident
Instagram | Sam Asghari

The following day, he took to Instagram to share a photograph of him and his mother sitting side by side. “I'm so grateful for the love and support you guys had during Mama Asghari's recovery after the accident,” he wrote in the caption. “Sending a huge thank you to the amazing medical staff at Cedars-Sinai ER. Moments like these remind us of life's preciousness. Taking a social media break to prioritize what truly matters. See you very soon,” he added.

Britney’s mother, Lynne Spears, was one of the first to comment, writing, “Love this” alongside a red heart emoji. However, comments on the post have since been disabled. Interestingly enough, the post was marked with a date of July 31. In the divorce filing, Sam had listed July 28 as the date of separation. It could be that Lynne did not know that they were separated at the time, as there have been conflicting reports about her relationship with her daughter.

Lynne Spears Reportedly 'Furious' At Sam Asghari For 'Abandoning' Britney

Lynne Spears and Britney Spears
Instagram | Lynne Spears

Shortly after news of the divorce broke, one insider told the Daily Mail that Britney's mother is “furious” with Sam for “abandoning” her daughter and is now “begging” Britney to leave her Thousand Oaks estate in Los Angeles and come stay with her in Louisiana to “heal and regroup.”

“Lynne is furious at [Sam] for abandoning Britney,” a source told the outlet. “He took a vow to stand by her side through sickness and health – and he knew she was not well [when they married].” They continued, “Lynne is begging [Britney] to leave LA and live with her,” adding, “LA is toxic and the only thing keeping her there was [Sam]. Lynne believes she can heal and regroup in Louisiana, then return to LA when she is ready.”

However, it looks like the Princess of Pop plans to stay in Los Angeles, especially amid reports that she is working on new music.