Saie Dropped a New "Glowy" Foundation That Will Awaken Your Winter, Sun-Deprived Skin

Spring is finally on the horizon and Saie has dropped a foundation designed to give you the warm weather "glow" without the oil, in the spirit of getting you ready to reset your makeup vanity. Meet the brand's newest "Glowy Super Skin" Foundation.

In the cool and colder months, many beauty enthusiasts rely on heavy concealers and foundations to achieve a super dry and matte finish for the season. As the weather warms up, you want to switch out the heavier options for something light and glowy while also meeting the standard of full-coverage finishes — and this is where the brand has you covered. Available in 36 shades across a vast range of hues, Saie's "Glowy Super Skin" foundation is your perfect mix of skincare and glam. The lightweight and buildable formula is packed with skin-loving ingredients that hydrate, brighten and protect the skin and revive it from its winter, sun-deprived state.

"Glowy Super Skin" Foundation retails for $40 USD and is available via Saie's website.


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