Safety Accessories Brand Knockout Debuts Its Own Pepper Spray

·1 min read

Following her inaugural lucite and metal rings collection, Kate Davis is set to introduce another safety accessory to her Knockout catalog -- a pepper spray.

“With the rise in violence against women, gender nonbinary people and people of color in the past of couple years, I've really wanted to create something that was beautiful and fashionable, that women would actually want to carry around, and that also wouldn't draw too much attention,” Davis shares in a statement. The product's case is made of silicone and comes in four colors such as lavender, black, pink and teal. Designed by women for women, the pepper spray also acts as an art object with its wavy-like silhouette.

“As a designer, it was incredibly interesting to collaborate with my engineering team to bring my design ideas into the real world,” Davis adds. Additionally, the spray features a unique invisible UV dye, which stays on the skin of whoever is sprayed.

Priced at $19.95 USD, the pepper spray will be available via Knockout's website on March 31.