Sadie Sink Has Been Wearing Chanel Since She Was 14

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Sadie Sink Has Loved Chanel Since She Was 14MARTIN COLOMBEG
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Yesterday, on the roof terrace of Le Corbusier’s Cité Radieuse building in Marseille, Chanel presented its Cruise collection. Actor Sadie Sink of Stranger Things fame sat front row in an all-black look that felt noticeably different from the bright green, yellow, and pink tweeds of the runway, which mimicked the bold modernist tiles of the backdrop. But Sink wasn’t concerned with perfectly matching the vibe as much as she was interested in simply looking like herself.

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“Usually, they have four or five looks laid out for you,” Sink tells me the morning after the show ahead of her flight back home from Marseille.

“I was drawn to this one immediately when I saw it on the rack and kind of knew it was what I was going to go for. At this point, I really know my style, and I especially know my style with Chanel. They know what I like—and I know what I like.” And the black leather jacket with matching skirt—look 10 from the Fall/Winter 2024 pre-collection accessorized with Coco Crush earrings, bracelets and earrings—is just what she likes.

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Sink opted to wear the top mostly undone with just one button clasped at her collarbones. “I love mixing classic, elegant silhouettes with a little bit of edginess,” she said. “So the silhouette of this look is very timeless, familiar, but when you break it apart, there's these little tough details that kind of edge it up a bit. The bows on the sleeves brought this sweeter element to it. So I thought it was kind of the perfect fusion of edginess and classiness, which I always love to do in all of my looks.”

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As for how she dresses when she isn’t sitting front row, Sink says her personal style really varies. “It’s a mix of a lot of different things. It depends on the day, I definitely love accessorizing with bold statement pieces and focusing on a shoe or maybe a necklace, or even a jacket sometimes, but then having kind of a good foundation under all of it that's just kind of classic.” Her appreciation for a classic is why she's so drawn to Chanel. “Chanel is classic! It just is! It’s timeless.”

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Sink is only 22 years-old but she got her breakout role as Max Mayfield on the second season of Netflix’s Stranger Things at just 14. “As someone who has grown up in the industry, I’ve gone through a lot of different looks already.” And for the most part, Sink isn’t embarrassed to look back on them as so many others in the industry are, which she attributes to working with Chanel for so many years now. The brand dressed her for her first Stranger Things Premiere in 2017 and it was her first foray into high fashion. It was like her first fashion aha! moment that made her interested in, “the art of fashion in general.”

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“It's been nice to partner with Chanel in this way,” she went on to say, “because any look that I look back on, it just has this timeless quality to it. No matter how many years past, you still look back on it, and you're like, ‘Oh, that still works today.’” And her look for the most recent Cruise collection is no exception. It’s one she already knows she’ll look back at fondly.

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As for her next look, Sink has her eyes on something that walked down the runway not even 24 hours ago. “There was this strapless suit and skirt situation with a white bathing suit peeking out underneath and the transparent white gloves. And I loved that look because again, it's that combination of two things you wouldn't normally see together! The daintiness of the gloves and the little ruffled bathing suit underneath but the hardness of that structure and the darkness of this suit that she had over it,” she said. “That's definitely something that I would wear in my life—at some point hopefully!”

She laughs but there's nothing particularly funny about it. Mostly because it feels like at “some point hopefully is in the near future” isn't some far fetched hypothetical. It's right on the horizon. If there's anyone that could wear a future Chanel classic look like that, it's certainly Sink herself.

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