Sacha Baron Cohen tried to sell his signed Dick Cheney waterboard kit on eBay

Sacha Baron Cohen and Dick Cheney (Credit: Showtime)
Sacha Baron Cohen and Dick Cheney (Credit: Showtime)

In his continued assault on America’s political and celebrity class, Sacha Baron Cohen tried to sell a ‘waterboarding kit’ signed by Dick Cheney on eBay.

Though the listing has now been taken down, it follows a spoof interview with the former vice president of the United States for his show Who Is America?

In it, Cohen assumed the identity of his new character Col. Erran Morad, a former Israeli anti-terrorism expert and pro-gun lobbyist.

He fooled congressmen with his ‘Kinderguardians’ scheme last week, in which he proposed arming toddlers to prevent school shootings, and took aim at Cheney in the latest episode, aired last night in the US, getting him to sign his waterboard kit.

(Credit: Twitter)
(Credit: Twitter)

The listing read: “Here is a rare opportunity to own a WATER BOARD BOTTLE SIGNED BY The Godfather of the sport — American war hero and all-around mensch, Vice President DICK CHENEY.

“Unlike the cheap domestic water board kits you can buy on Amazon, this is a professional grade piece of military hardware. Fully functioning, it have seen many hours active use by me, both on the frontline of the War on Terror and also in my own home, where it has proved very effective at keeping my son, Eyal, in line. Indeed, if you too live in a bungalow, water boarding is a great alternative to the ‘naughty step’.

“The bottle is made from Military Grade High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), meaning that as well as Water Boarding, it can be used to Dr. Pepper Board, Clorox Board or even Urine Board potential terrorists or annoying neighbors.

“Please bid freely, not only will you get a fully operational torture, I mean interrogation device, all proceeds from the sale will go to AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL.

  • Money back guarantee – if this does not prevent your next major terrorist attack, return to us for full refund

  • One (1) custom-cast deep-fluid-dispensing information-retrieval kit

  • One (1) complimentary gallon of water for initial use

  • Zero (0) scruples


Prior to the item’s removal from eBay, it received bids up to $3,800, which were set to be donated to Amnesty International.

Baron Cohen tweeted a brief snippet of the interview, in which he asks Cheney to name his ‘favourite war’.

“Oh, I think it was what we did in Desert Storm,” he replies.

Among the others to have been skewered by Cohen in the new series are Sarah Palin and Roy Moore.

It airs tonight in the UK on Channel 4.

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