Universal May Be Planning Jaws and Back To The Future Reboots

The seemingly endless cycle of remakes, reboots, reimaginings and any other number of ‘re’-prefixed verbs that have done the rounds in the film industry this past decade or so has invariably left many film fans asking - is nothing sacred anymore?

Well, it seems we may have our answer, as word gets out that Universal may have their sights on rebooting two of the greatest Hollywood blockbusters of all time: ‘Jaws’ and ‘Back to the Future.’

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This news comes from a highly trustworthy source, The Hollywood Reporter, who mention Universal’s plans almost as an aside in their report on Steven Spielberg’s Dreamworks looking set to move house from Disney to Universal for distribution.

The Spielberg connection is of course vital here. Not only did the legendary filmmaker get his big break making the original classic ‘Jaws’ for Universal back in 1975, he also produced ‘Back to the Future’ for the studio in 1985, as well as its two sequels.

Nor did Spielberg’s relationship with Universal end there, as the director made more hits for the studio including ‘Jurassic Park’ and its sequel - and was recently a “hands-on executive producer” on this year’s monster hit ‘Jurassic World,’ a role he will repeat on its 2018 follow-up.

However, Spielberg declined involvement in any of the three ‘Jaws’ sequels Universal made between 1978 and 1987, all of which are now widely regarded as ill-conceived misfires (final film ‘Jaws: the Revenge’ in particular).

As for ‘Back to the Future’ - trilogy director/co-writer Robert Zemeckis recently declared that it will never be remade as long as he and producer/co-writer Bob Gale are alive, as their original contract with Spielberg gave them final say in such matters.

Still, before we get too ahead of ourselves here, it should be stressed that neither company have confirmed that Dreamworks will be moving over to Universal, let alone that any such reboots are in development.

Picture Credit: Universal