Throwback Thursday: Bryan Cranston Was a 'Power Rangers' Villain AND Hero

Getty Images, Everett Collection, screengrab/Saban

We know that Bryan Cranston has significant range. After all, the same guy who gave us the giggles as goofball dad Hal on "Malcolm in the Middle" has collected Emmys for scaring us as ruthless meth-ematician Walter White on "Breaking Bad."

And we are pun-happy to report that Cranston doesn't just have range ... he also attacks Power Rangers. D'oh!

This all came to light when Cranston participated in an "Ask Me Anything" session on Reddit. If you call it an "AMA," you'll sound hip. Anyhow, Cranston waxed nostalgic about the good old days, when he voiced evil-doers Snizard and Twinman on "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers." He did two episodes in 1993 — "Foul Play in the Sky" and "A Bad Reflection of You" — and got to yell out stuff like "Tonsil snakes, attack them!" and "Mirrors, mirrors all around, smash the rangers to the ground!"

Cranston wasn't just a day player. He has a legacy. "Someone once told me they named the blue Power Ranger after me," he revealed. "His last name was Cranston. I found out years later that was true."

A user immediately responded, "Blue for meth." See? Further proof that the role of Walter White was meant for Cranston.

The AMA chat with the actor also uncovered this gem from the 2004 Studio City Braves, a rec center Little League team:


You'll recognize the coach on the left. Cranston's players praise his coaching abilities, calling him nice and cool as hell.

It's comforting to know that a guy so good at playing bad is also really good at being good.

The final eight episodes of "Breaking Bad" begin on August 11.