Ted Nugent Calls President Obama 'A Psychopathic America Hating Liar' After Gun-Control Speech

Ted Nugent slams President Obama’s gun-control speech. (photo: Getty)

It’s not breaking news that Ted Nugent isn’t a fan of President Obama. But the classic rocker did share some colorful new insults Tuesday (Jan. 5) on Facebook after the president’s tearful gun-control speech.

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“I will write a comprehensive piece on the Chicago scam artist in chief on his latest lies about tyranical trampling of the 2nd Amendment but know it ye all goodmen everywhere that his ongoing criminal oath violating INFRINGEMENTS would NOT have stopped nor will ever stop ANY mass shootings or crime that anyone is aware of. He is a psychopathic America hating liar,” Nugent writes, also suggesting that his fans should buy NRA memberships for everyone they know.

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Nugent replied to a handful of lucky Facebookers, including a Brit who suggested “Come to England, we have no guns, but plenty of knives and stabbings!” Nugent’s response? “& no freedom. no thankU.”

Read Nugent’s full post below: