Raven-Symone Says DNA Test Proves She's 'From Every Continent in Africa Except for One'

Say what, Raven-Symone?

The former child star did an interview with E! News defending her recent statement that she doesn't see herself as African-American. She told host Alicia Quarles that she recently got her DNA results back from Ancestry.com, and the results were… interesting.

"Thank you to Ancestry.com, actually, for sending me my DNA test," she said. "I am from every continent in Africa, except for one, and I'm from every continent in Europe, except for one."

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Comedian Desus Nice posted a video of the 29-year-old actress' questionable comment:

Over at The Grio, blogger Luvvie Ajayi had some thoughts about Raven-Symone's sentiment -- namely, that confusing "country" and "continent" was the least of her problems.

"Let’s say that was just a slip of the tongue and she really did mean to say 'country,''" Ajayi writes. "Let us try to give her some benefit of the doubt and say she just made an honest mistake. Can we call science to the carpet here and ask some real questions? If Ancestry.com told Raven that she is from every country in Africa but one, and every European country but one, she needs to get her money back and they need to be outed for being fraudulent as hell. How is she genetically linked to over 100 countries (there are 50 in Europe, 54 in Africa)? HOW, SWAY?? I know she really wants to be colorless and not be placed in a box but the science lie detector says that is a lie. Raven must think she’s Captain Planet’s cousin and I don’t have time!"

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At least one fan has it figured out: They tweeted a map to explain exactly where the former That's So Raven star hails from.

Watch Raven-Symone's interview last October with Oprah where she said she doesn't like labels:

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