Doug the Pug Reveals His Passion In New Christmas Video

Doug the Pug, Internet sensation and man of the people, has recently released a new Christmas video which allows fans a peek at the passion behind the Pug. The 2-year-old pup recently launched himself to stardom after taking over his fur-mom Leslie Mosier’s Instagram account and sending adorable photos of himself spiraling across the Internet. When asked his thoughts on fame, Doug reflected via is his mom’s Instagram page, “Holy sh*t I’m famous.”

Though the Nashville native has since garnered Instagram 40.5K followers and has been featured in The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, and on Good Morning America, he has previously remained somewhat of a man of mystery among his fans. Using his intense acting skills and vivid range of expressions, Doug has portrayed everyone from bums to Thanksgiving turkeys on his fur-mom’s thriving Istagram page. Given his overwhelming knack for capturing the essence of a limitless range of characters, many have been led to ponder, “Who is this Pug, really?”

Who Indeed? What are his deepest desires and dreams? What hopes does he hide behind the wrinkles? Most importantly, what does he want for Christmas? Fear not fans, because Doug’s new Christmas video is here to put your relentless speculations to rest.

Monday saw the release of the pint-sized Internet prince’s viral video entitled, “All I Want For Christmas Is Food.” In it, Doug soulfully reveals his one true love, which turns out to be a passion shared by many- food. Doug’s expertly crafted video invites viewers along on a trip through the Nashville night and straight into his tiny Pug soul. As always, Doug explores a range of emotions, from excitement to expectation, as he shelves himself amid aisles of candy, impatiently waits for dough to transform into cookies, and pines for Chipotle.

The passionate Pug brilliantly handles the similarity of his song to a similar, less soulful tune by Mariah Carey by crooning his song completely in falsetto. He even sneaks in the occasional artistic reflection on the fact that the singer clearly attempted to impersonate his song years before it’s release by occasionally revealing himself in a blonde wig atop the lap of Santa.

Doug the Pug has not only managed yet again to turn out a flawless performance but has given fans the next best Christmas gift to food- a glance at the world from behind those big, brown eyes.

"I have to kiss WHO under the mistletoe?!" -Doug

A photo posted by Doug the Pug (@itsdougthepug) on Dec 12, 2014 at 3:45pm PST

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