Comic-Con: New 'Star Wars' TIE Fighter Unveiled

Hasbro, which has been one of the major points of interest on the convention center floor due to its in-demand product, generated even more of a disturbance in the Force with the unveiling of a new Star Wars toy tied to the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie.

And it’s a doozy.

After keeping con-goers in suspense since Wednesday's Preview Night, Hasbro unveiled on Friday a massive TIE fighter along with a pilot (First Order TIE Fighter Pilot Elite is the proper moniker) coming from its Black Series line.

The line is known to be geared for the older buyer and is one of its higher-end lines of figures, which tend to be in the 6” range.

The line has been expanding, and the TIE fighter is a major move to take it beyond just action figures as it's the largest vehicle the line has ever produced. Already the size of the spaceship is causing tongues to a wag: the TIE fighter is so big that the cockpit is comparable to a person’s head.

The set will sell for $169.99, and will be available this fall.