Ryan Reynolds jokes about selling one of his four children to fund Wrexham Football Club’s stadium renovations

Leon Bennett/The Hollywood Reporter/Getty Images

When it comes to Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney’s Welsh football club, Wrexham AFC, anything is on the table – including, apparently, the potential sale of one of Reynold’s own children.

During the Season 2 premiere of “Welcome to Wrexham” on Tuesday, Reynolds and McElhenney learned that they wouldn’t be receiving a £20 million ($25 million USD) grant from the UK government’s Levelling-Up Fund, which they explained they needed in order to renovate their stadium.

Shaun Harvey, Wrexham AFC’s advisor to the board, broke the news to Reynolds and McElhenney during the episode.

“It’s a huge problem,” Reynolds said, before asking if there’s anything they can do “to help see this through.”

Harvey optimistically told them, “We’ll find a solution because we are going to need to think outside the box and do things differently.”

“I’ll sell one of my children,” Reynolds then joked, adding, “I have four. I don’t even know their names.”

The “Deadpool” actor indeed has four children whom he shares with wife Blake Lively. The couple recently welcomed their fourth child, who joined their three daughters James, 7, Inez, 6, and Betty, 3.

“I don’t have £20 million lying around. I don’t know if Ryan does, but I don’t think so. He might say he does, but I would talk to Blake because I bet ya he f—ing doesn’t,” McElhenney playfully said during a confessional interview on the show.

“Welcome to Wrexham” follows the Hollywood pair’s ownership of the football (soccer, in America) team as they work toward getting the club promoted to the Football League after being stuck in the National League for 15 years. Expanding their stadium is part of that effort.

(Spoiler alert: Wrexham got promoted to the Football League in April, a moment widely celebrated at the time.)

“Welcome to Wrexham” airs on Tuesdays on FX at 10pm local time, and is available to stream on Hulu on Wednesdays.

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