Ryan Reynolds Gets Naughty With Morena Baccarin in First 'Deadpool' Clip (NSFW)

The satirical, R-rated superhero film Deadpool (opening Feb. 12) has been flooding the Internet with memes, viral videos, and NSFW trailers since last summer. Now, finally, we get a scene from the film itself — though it’s not quite what you might be expecting. In the new clip, super-powered mercenary Wade Wilson, a.k.a. Deadpool (Reynolds), shares a dirty-minded moment with his girlfriend Vanessa (Morena Baccarin). Though both have superhero alter egos (Baccarin’s character is a mutant known as Copycat), the clip shows the couple unmasked, wearing Christmas sweaters… and not much else. Watch it above (NSFW).

In other treats for Deadpool fans, the film has jumped on the X-Files comeback wagon (the new mini-series premiered last night) with two images posted to Twitter. (Cheat sheet: Deadpool’s nickname is “the Merc with a Mouth,” and Weapon X is the secret government research project that gave Wade Wilson his powers.)

And finally, click here to check out Deadpool’s personal video message for tomorrow’s Australia Day, featuring a stone-cold diss of 2013's The Wolverine (which co-starred Reynolds) and, fair warning, some strong language).

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