Ryan Anderson 'Exposed' For 'Controlling Behavior,' Fans Side With Gypsy Rose Blanchard

Gypsy Rose Blanchard and Ryan Anderson's divorce has been messy, but it is seemingly getting messier.

The first episode of Lifetime's "Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up" aired on Monday, June 3. It brought viewers into the days leading up to the ex-convict's prison release and then continued following Gypsy in the days after.

Fans were excited to watch the docuseries, as rumors have been circulating over the past few weeks about the real reason why Gypsy had filed for divorce from Ryan.

Were the accusations real all along? Many are now calling Ryan Anderson "controlling" and "abusive" after seeing the first episode of "Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up."

Ryan Anderson Blasted After First Episode Aired

Ryan Anderson driving the car with dog on his lap
Instagram | Ryan Anderson

In the first episode of the docuseries, there is a scene where Gypsy Rose Blanchard's parole officer calls her on Ryan Anderson's phone to inform them they are not able to attend the Kansas City Chiefs game as originally planned, and Gypsy must leave the state of Missouri and go to her new home in Louisiana.

Gypsy was confused as she claimed her other parole officer previously "okayed" the game plan, and they were already on their way to her dad and stepmom's house in Kansas City.

"Right now we are headed ..." Gypsy starts to tell the P.O., before Ryan interrupts her, "to meet her family."

The P.O. is then heard saying, "They want you to report immediately," to which Ryan immediately says, "No, they don't," and attempts to grab the phone out of Gypsy's hand.

Gypsy is seemingly annoyed at Ryan as she puts her hand up, indicating him to stop.

'Controlling' Behavior 'Exposed'

After watching the episode, many are now siding with Gypsy Rose Blanchard as they notice some "red flags" with Ryan Anderson.

According to one user, Ryan's actual behavior has been "exposed," while another pointed out his "controlling behavior" during the scene of the docuseries.

"I see why she left him," another said.

"He tries speaking for her, just like her mom would do," one TikTok user expressed.

One viewer commented, "Ryan, this first episode, you lost my vote too overbearing, controlling, and the cringy rubbing on her. You could tell it made her uncomfortable."

'He's Trying To Speak For Her'

Gypsy Rose Blanchard and Ryan Anderson smiling
Instagram | Ryan Anderson

After watching the episode, one TikToker said, "He said 'with our PO.' He's just trying to speak for her and you can tell she ain't comfortable with him."

"He needs to be quiet. She is a grown woman," another said.

"Omg he’s so suffocating in this clip," one viewer wrote.

This episode comes weeks after an inside source accused Ryan of being controlling and jealous, which is one reason Gypsy left.

“It was like she was on a leash,” the source told Page Six. “What’s the difference between being locked in a prison cell and feeling locked in her own home and marriage? She didn’t want to put up with it anymore.”

Ryan Anderson Loses Fans After Seeing His Behavior

Gypsy Rose Blanchard Exits "The View" Television Taping

The comments continued to pour in, as fans now sided with Gypsy Rose Blanchard, expressing they can now "see why" she left Ryan Anderson.

"I like how he acts like he thinks that he can dictate what the law is; he is CONTROLLING," one user said.

"It’s like he can’t even let her speak to the person SHE is on the phone with," another expressed.

One user claimed they saw this behavior "all along." "I’m glad people see him like I did from the start. He’s manipulative and controlling," they said.

Ryan Anderson Is Losing Fans

Gypsy Rose Blanchard and Ryan Anderson smiling
Instagram | Ryan Anderson

After Gypsy Rose Blanchard announced their separation earlier this year, Ryan Anderson dropped a bombshell, claiming that fans would see "what really happened," seemingly indicating that the rumors about his behavior were not true.

While many were on Ryan Anderson's side after Gypsy Rose Blanchard announced their separation, the tables have since turned.  "I would have left him too! I’m trying to get the rules, so I can stay out of jail & he's running his mouth," one social media user said after watching the first episode of the docuseries.

"She definitely had every reason to leave him. Imagine being controlled your whole life just to later be free and your own husband is trying to do the same thing. Why is he speaking over her so much, oh my god," another expressed.

"First episode and Ryan just lost all his fans lol," one viewer wrote.

New episodes of "Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up" air on Mondays on Lifetime.